The Journey

My love affair with making jewelry started in about the 5th grade. Our class learned how to make beaded bracelets with small glass seed beads and fishing line.  We learned how to make triangles, flowers, circles, squares. That was the beginning of the end.

The first major piece I made with these skills was a monstrosity of a thing for my best friend for our grade 12 formal/prom.

She didn’t end up wearing it (because I made the neck too small) but she did wear the earrings I made to match the monstrosity.

That same best friend would be integral into the next big step up in my jewelery making journey.

She managed to land a job with one of Brisbane’s well known bead shops, learning the skills she would need to work there. However when they let her go, she swore she would teach me everything she had learned.

She kept her promise.

Probably the most important thing she taught me was how to open a jump ring.

From this lesson there were many beautiful pieces created. There were a few disasters, but as my Aunt says “There is no waste in craft.”

Lets see if I can get the add a photo bit to work.

This is the pair of earrings I made in my lesson with my best friend.

After a few months of trying all sorts of things I decided that chain was something very workable and made for a dramatic look.

This I originally made for the staff members of a website I worked for.

This next piece I still wear to this day.

Over 2 meters of chain was used in this piece.


Which brings us to about 2006.

More to come in future blogs.

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  1. mdepierres
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 20:06:34

    Wow! that first piece is spectacular!


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