The Gift

There are bonuses to knowing how to whip up something really unique in a few hours.

If my daughter is invited to a birthday party with zero notice I can throw together a bracelet in moments. Gifts for teachers are more personal when you can say you made it yourself. Those same teachers have gone out of their way to show me they’re wearing my work years later.

A family member who can’t find the right piece of jewelery to wear to a cocktail party with her little black dress. In 6 hours I designed something eye-popping nobody else had.

Anne-Marie's Necklace

The looks on people’s faces when you hand them a piece of wearable art is another bonus. The joy I feel when I see them wearing it is immense.

I think the most Holy Cow moment was a picture of my friend and author Marianne de Pierres wearing my necklace at a convention in Melbourne. Seeing Marianne working that necklace had me walking on air for weeks.

I’ve also made pieces for authors Kylie Chan and Rowena Cory Daniells.

Kylie Chan's Necklace

Rowena Cory Daniells' Necklace

When I’m not making jewelery, I read quite a bit, and when I met Marianne, Kylie and Rowena, I had the overwhelming urge to thank them for their gift to me (their stories) with the one thing I felt worthy enough to give (my jewelery).

They are the reason I’m writing here.

I will forever be thankful for their support.

Their links are under the blog, go take a look.

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