Passing on the Madness

My Aunt, seeing what I had learned how to do, suggested we start a craft group to teach other people how to make jewelery and other forms of craft.

About November last year we finally got our first group of women to our craft group at ICA Springfield.

Those same women are still with us today, 6 months on. They’re all catching on quickly. It was a fulfilling moment to see one lady finish and wear her own Round Mail necklace to an ICA event not too long ago.

It is such an uplifting feeling to see someone finally succeed with something they’ve never done before in their lives.

To go beyond the “I can’t” through the “I’ll give it a go” and well and truly into the “I can do that” mind frame.

I’ll be forever learning new things to keep the group going, in turn this will keep my skill levels up and I doubt I will get bored easily. (Especially with those ladies. )

One thing we were quite successful at making was bookmarks.

Squiggle Bookmark. Blue Beads.

We’ve also made charms for our handbags and or mobile phones

The charms say Nurture, Create, Believe and Embrace.

I have no idea what we’ll be doing next week, but whatever we decide to do we’ll do it with gusto. That I can guarantee.

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