Aim High

It’s the motto for my daughter’s school. It’s also what I’m being told to do by anyone who has taken the time to get to know me.

How high is too high?

My Aunt is a stong believer in the 5 year plan. To be honest I have no idea where I’ll be in the next few weeks, let-a-lone in 5 years.

I have been giving it some thought, despite the enormity of the scope.

I would love to be able to travel because of my jewelery. 

I would love to be able to afford to extend my house to make a room of my own to hold classes in, so my stuff isn’t all over the house.

At the moment my goal for 2010 is to earn myself a laptop.

I’m getting there.

Is that aiming high enough?? Maybe not, but goals are important and working towards them teach you valuable lessons.

The quote I have a love hate relationship with is…

Don’t be afraid to take big steps.
You can’t cross a chasm in two small ones. 

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