The Learning Curve

Well to put it bluntly is sucks….   balls.

For years I’ve been looking at the Blue Moon Beads at spotlight, thinking ‘oh no they’ll be there when I really need them.’ HA!

I’m learning that bead companies put limits on their product lines. Blue Moon Beads is no different. Poo heads.

Between standing in lincraft for 40 minutes while they rang around (spending most of their time on hold) to find some spacer beads I badly want, and knowing I have literally bought out Photo Continental of all of a certain type of clasp, my head is spinning.

Wouldn’t you think the smart thing to do would be to gauge how quickly the stock sells to make a decision to do a second run?

Obviously my inspirational treks around the place have to be more mindful.

I am getting an education as to which labels are also end of line stock. Stuff that’s been bought by another company and resold again with new labels.

If only they’d fall for my eyelash batting and pouting. Would make my life so much easier.

To keep you sane

I am not often fond of a completely quiet house. I get tinnitus when things are that hushed you can hear the fridge motor whirr to life.

I’ve been hard core mailing these past few days, lights going to save my eyes, phone next to me so I don’t have to get up and leaving at the last moment to pick the kiddo up from school.

To ease the quiet I’ve been listening to P.Q.R.N. No that doesn’t say porn.

PQRN stands for Para Quest Radio Network. They’re a newly founded Internet radio station.

Their shows run from about 9:30am Brisbane time till about 2pm Brisbane time most days. Mostly it’s talk back radio and interviews, but they play songs as well.

I challenged the darling DJ Gregg (G) to find a song that will be forever stuck in my mind yesterday.

Little Patty’s Blonde headed stompy wompy real gone surfer boy.

The bugger found it and played it on air today, much to the irritation to the hard rock, hair band loving, listeners.

They’ve told me I now have to pay for my sins by singing the song on air.

We’ll see guys. We’ll see.

They give me giggles when the day’s not so happy.

Give them a listen, especially about 10am Brisbane time Fridays. That’s one of my favourite shows.

Have a fab weekend all!!

Latest Pieces

No dog chasing today. Yay!

As promised yesterday here are the three pieces I handed over to their new owners. The Bears were a special order, the Butterfly was a Mother’s day present.

Teddy Bear Necklace

Close up of the Bear

Teddy Bear Bracelet

Close up of the Bear

Butterfly Necklace

Close up of the Butterfly


I spent the afternoon running around in the stormy weather to try to catch my neighbours dog Milo. A HUGE German Shepard. He would make a considerable dent in a small car if they hit him. Almost happened 3 times this afternoon.

So I’m too tired right now to post the pictures of the Three pieces I handed over today. Two orders and one belated Mother’s day gift.

Maybe tomorrow when I’ve had time to catch my damn breath.

I swear I could have screamed when the dumb thing followed me home after I gave up on it and walked home again.

Thanks to the neighbour on the other side’s daughter who was darling enough to hold the dumb animal as it sat, a wet doggy stink, on my front doorstep.

I may be saying dumb a bit too much. He is smart enough to squeeze between the top of a  6 foot fence and a car port roof to escape. Also knows how to open laundry doors and gates in chain wire fences. Not so dumb after all.

Pictures in the next 48 hours. Promise.


Busy as a bee this week. I swear I don’t go out of my way to make things difficult for myself. Honest.

I donated a couple of pairs of earrings for the mother’s day stall at my daughter’s school. (apparently they sold really quickly)

Craft this week was split between card making and crochet. I had a nice pattern for a crochet cat. I ended up unravelling everything I achieved because I read the pattern wrong. *slaps head*

I’ve since re-crocheted (is that even a word) the pattern and once I stuff it, it should look somewhat like the pattern. Mind you though it’s only the body so far. I have yet to tackle the legs, tail, ears or the head.

Couple of pictures to share this blog. Charlotte the Golden Orb Weaver spider, from our front yard last week.


And the photo of hubby from last Friday. This was in retaliation to him taking photos of my back while I watched cars in the marshalling area. Yes, he was telling me to go away when I took the photo.


As you can see we’ve had beautiful days with glorious blue sky’s lately. The in between seasons are so nice.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums and Grand Mothers who read this. It may be one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but as long as you get to embarrass the kids as much as they embarrassed you, then there is still a ray of sunshine to look forward to.

What’s the one thing you look forward to on Mother’s Day?

Maths isn’t my Thing

I’m working up a price list for a future venture. Trying not to count my chickens before they hatch.

I tell you numbers are not my thing.

Where to draw the line. Profit Margins. Postage. Time. Allowing for so many things.

Maths Blah. I’m even having to call on my grade 9 spread sheeting classes… that was over a decade ago, so it’s taking a bit of rattling to get the pea to remember.

It doesn’t take all the fun out of things, but it means I have to think before I do. Not one of my strong points.

I will battle on and let you know soon what I have bubbling away in the cooker when things start rolling.
Cross fingers it’s turns out to be tastey.

24 Hours makes all the difference

I tell you I am extremely relieved I put my foot down last week while we were buying tickets to the V8’s. Deciding to take my daughter out of school yesterday to go to Queensland Raceway and not today (Saturday).

The above happened where we sat for a few hours yesterday. Scared the life out of me when I saw the news update.

Hubby isn’t happy. The new safety precautions will make his motor sport photography impossible.

There aren’t many motor sport tracks with decent photo opportunities anymore. So safety will win out at the end of the day again here too.

I’ve told him he just needs to put his work out there… then he could be the guy on the inside of the track with the fluro jacket and a Diana Chaser of a lens over his shoulder. and mini’s flying at his head.

I took a good photo of him with the zoom, but he’s out at the Sprint Cars tonight trying for a good shot, so that photo will have to wait for another blog.

All people involved with the accident above (including the driver) have been deemed fine.

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