24 Hours makes all the difference

I tell you I am extremely relieved I put my foot down last week while we were buying tickets to the V8’s. Deciding to take my daughter out of school yesterday to go to Queensland Raceway and not today (Saturday).

The above happened where we sat for a few hours yesterday. Scared the life out of me when I saw the news update.

Hubby isn’t happy. The new safety precautions will make his motor sport photography impossible.

There aren’t many motor sport tracks with decent photo opportunities anymore. So safety will win out at the end of the day again here too.

I’ve told him he just needs to put his work out there… then he could be the guy on the inside of the track with the fluro jacket and a Diana Chaser of a lens over his shoulder. and mini’s flying at his head.

I took a good photo of him with the zoom, but he’s out at the Sprint Cars tonight trying for a good shot, so that photo will have to wait for another blog.

All people involved with the accident above (including the driver) have been deemed fine.

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