I spent the afternoon running around in the stormy weather to try to catch my neighbours dog Milo. A HUGE German Shepard. He would make a considerable dent in a small car if they hit him. Almost happened 3 times this afternoon.

So I’m too tired right now to post the pictures of the Three pieces I handed over today. Two orders and one belated Mother’s day gift.

Maybe tomorrow when I’ve had time to catch my damn breath.

I swear I could have screamed when the dumb thing followed me home after I gave up on it and walked home again.

Thanks to the neighbour on the other side’s daughter who was darling enough to hold the dumb animal as it sat, a wet doggy stink, on my front doorstep.

I may be saying dumb a bit too much. He is smart enough to squeeze between the top of a  6 foot fence and a car port roof to escape. Also knows how to open laundry doors and gates in chain wire fences. Not so dumb after all.

Pictures in the next 48 hours. Promise.

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