To keep you sane

I am not often fond of a completely quiet house. I get tinnitus when things are that hushed you can hear the fridge motor whirr to life.

I’ve been hard core mailing these past few days, lights going to save my eyes, phone next to me so I don’t have to get up and leaving at the last moment to pick the kiddo up from school.

To ease the quiet I’ve been listening to P.Q.R.N. No that doesn’t say porn.

PQRN stands for Para Quest Radio Network. They’re a newly founded Internet radio station.

Their shows run from about 9:30am Brisbane time till about 2pm Brisbane time most days. Mostly it’s talk back radio and interviews, but they play songs as well.

I challenged the darling DJ Gregg (G) to find a song that will be forever stuck in my mind yesterday.

Little Patty’s Blonde headed stompy wompy real gone surfer boy.

The bugger found it and played it on air today, much to the irritation to the hard rock, hair band loving, listeners.

They’ve told me I now have to pay for my sins by singing the song on air.

We’ll see guys. We’ll see.

They give me giggles when the day’s not so happy.

Give them a listen, especially about 10am Brisbane time Fridays. That’s one of my favourite shows.

Have a fab weekend all!!

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