The Learning Curve

Well to put it bluntly is sucks….   balls.

For years I’ve been looking at the Blue Moon Beads at spotlight, thinking ‘oh no they’ll be there when I really need them.’ HA!

I’m learning that bead companies put limits on their product lines. Blue Moon Beads is no different. Poo heads.

Between standing in lincraft for 40 minutes while they rang around (spending most of their time on hold) to find some spacer beads I badly want, and knowing I have literally bought out Photo Continental of all of a certain type of clasp, my head is spinning.

Wouldn’t you think the smart thing to do would be to gauge how quickly the stock sells to make a decision to do a second run?

Obviously my inspirational treks around the place have to be more mindful.

I am getting an education as to which labels are also end of line stock. Stuff that’s been bought by another company and resold again with new labels.

If only they’d fall for my eyelash batting and pouting. Would make my life so much easier.

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