Numb bum/ Surfie bum

Took the kiddo out of school early on Friday so we could get a head start on the traffic through Brisbane City on our way to Coolum and Noosa.

Packed the car and off we went.

We got there about 4-ish. Unpacked the car and took the drive out to the hospital to visit Mum. She’s had her first knee replaced.

Now it’s not an awful thing to read a refedex. I can  do it. And… if I’m not stressed, I can get us from point A to point B with minimal fuss and virtually no detours.

However the trip to the hospital on Friday evening was a NIGHTMARE!!!

It doesn’t help when you’re driving in the rainy half light and this type of sign comes at you…

How dumb is this sign?

If you’re not a local and have no clue which order the destinations lay in geographically, this type of sign is the stupidest idea ever put into action.

The worst bit is maybe only 5% of the roads on the way to the hospital have signposts. The ones that ARE sign posted are designed to ‘blend in’ with the surroundings and not stand out. Which I thought would be the whole *&^$#%& point. Hmm how silly of me to think people would want to be able to read the street signs.

We did end up making it to the hospital in one piece (Just) and Mum is fine. Thank the powers that be.

The trek back to our unit was almost as hellish as the trip out. Actually maybe more-so. The rain was harder and there are no street lights along most of the way. Almost enough to cause a nervous break down.

Mac Crap for dinner that night and off to bed we went.

Saturday morning. Rainy and cold again.

Wouldn’t have bothered me if I didn’t have to use this…

The Toaster

To make breakfast.

We headed out to walk along the esplanade despite the cold and the almost rain.

Just a tad chilly looking.

The kiddo and I went wandering around the rocks to see what we could see.

And of course she stepped right into a rock pool. *head slap*

What's that Mum... Splash!

So back to the unit we went so she could get out of her squishy shoe, me giggling the entire way home.  Then we got ready to go visit Mum again.

Then the most horrific thing happened. Hubby found my fist grey hair. O…M….G!!!!!

I could not believe it. And it wasn’t a short one either. It was almost as long as every other hair on that side of my head which means it had been there for AGES!!!

I’m not even 30 for ^%$#^*!! sakes.

It is now in a zip lock bag marked with the date and what’s inside. I am mortified.

Hubby chose a different route to get to the hospital and it turned out easier to follow, and it helped we were going to get there in broad daylight.

Mum was up and about, which was wonderful to see. We even took her for a spin to go visit a lady she met at the information sessions before their surgery. She is a delightful woman with a gentle voice and a warm inviting smile.

And… she bought some of my jewellery.  But I would have liked her just the same if she’d just ooo’d and ahhh’d over my pieces. It was a nice bonus to have her insist on purchasing her favourites.

“Retail therapy I didn’t even have to get out of bed for.”

We said our goodbyes and headed back to Mum’s room.

We hung around for a while longer and headed off about 6-ish.

Spaghetti bolegnese for dinner, and I had a great idea to use up the excess milk we didn’t want to have to transport home again.

Out I went into the cold evening to buy some Milo.

The waiter at one of the restaurants gave me an approving look and a Hi-how-are-ya. It was an ego boost, since he was a bit of alright, but I couldn’t help but think to myself… “bet you wouldn’t be giving me the eye if you’d been the one to find that grey hair buck-o.”

So we curled up in the warmth sipping warm Milo I’d heated up in this…


And again off to bed we went.

Sunday morning was an early rise because the sun was FINALLY out and we had to get the car packed to head home. We walked along the esplanade again to try the same spots in better light.

There were Surfers. Woohoo!


And the kiddo didn’t step in the rock pools. But I owe Hubby another close up.

She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

So we’re now home safe and sound and Mum’s graduated to crutches today so watch out world.

Last week of school for the kiddo and then we’ll be heading into the 2 weeks of boredom otherwise known as the June/July holidays.

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  1. Margaret Mager
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 16:56:31

    Nice blog, love. Knee is much better today. Made it up the front stairs when we got home. Your flower inspired awe and admiration. Tks so much.


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