Girl Gone Wild

I get the whole entire bed to sleep on tonight, well except for the 3/4 of it the cats will take up on me. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to straighten my legs. Woohoo go wild!

I flew into the city today to go buy the 5th book in Kylie Chan’s Series, and have her sign it. Then a quick fly back home again.

I’m trying to balance the unbalanced, to get an order finished, to get critiques done for Sunday, and crochet some Flurry wool, which is a  %$@& nightmare.

I’m learning to relax, not by doing nothing, but by getting things done.

It makes a nice change to el sluggo vegetate my alter ego.

My guest blog for Marianne de Pierres’  YA site ~linked at the bottom of the page~ is up. Go leave me some love over there and share what your parents did to make you cringe in shame. *Yes, I’m talking to the 3 of you who read this blog*


With the ups comes the almost downs

Yesterday was an amazing day full of happy coincidences.

I got a green light on my guest blog for Marianne’s YA site. *YES!*

Not long after that I received a rather large order from the friend Mum made in hospital. I was surprised and totally stoaked she called. She’s also trusting me to create a couple of special items.

This can be tricky, especially when I’ve never met the person I’m creating them for. But I know what I class as beautiful, so I’ll trust in that to give her something different and something really special.

Not even 10 minutes after hanging up with a happy squeal, the phone rang again.

I’ve been offered a complimentary make-over from Neploeon Perdis at Garden City. I’m impressed and shocked. And you know what, I think I will take the offer.

Just because I can.

As you can imagine today wasn’t as amazing as yesterday, and I got word some of the other elements of my life aren’t in balance. This both irritates me, and makes me feel like it doesn’t matter all that much what I think, people will fight any change, even if it is a positive one.

The silver linings were there today. The bag I made in craft turned out cuter than I thought it would. I was asked to teach some new people to chain mail and I got to have lunch with my craft girls. As a bonus the kiddo was in a cuddley mood this afternoon so we took some Mummy daughter time while I made her laugh with the blog for the YA Site.

Things like that always put me in a good mood.

So even though things aren’t shiny and perfect today, there is always the potential for tomorrow to be just that.

Happy Hump Day!!!


You know when one of these blighters is in the neighbourhood. SQUARK!!!  They can be heard for miles.

He was snacking on the damn council trees on the footpath.

Birds like this one almost make it worth leaving the trees there. I still hate them though. (The trees not the birds, even though the buzzards are LOUD)

Mind you though at least they fly a little slower than a Rainbow Lorikeet.

They tend to go from this….

Awww how pretty

To this..

RRRRRRRRRRRRRawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *gone*

in  0.0001 of a second.

But those two at least don’t tend to be awake at dawns crack, cracking himself up. Every. Damn.Day.

Like this laughing legend

Hubby's picture

And none of them are as pretty as this wonderful shy creature…

Nom Nom Nom.


Hope you enjoyed my Birdy Blog today.  I’m feeling a little feather brained and needed to flock with some of my own kind.

Sunday Sleep in tomorrow! (hahahahahahaha yeah right!) ~paging Mr. Burra!~

Guess ya had to be there.

We were doing our weekly grocery trek last night and hubby who is still a bit of a man-child  very mature, found the Shrek toys were marked down.  They didn’t have any more Puss in Boots’ so he picked up Donkey, and plonked it onto the shopping trolley, in the kiddy seat.

It took me a few aisles to find the humor of him pushing this damn toy (which isn’t exactly pint-sized) in the trolley, and the look of total indifference on his face. (What do you mean, of course it’s totally normal to have an almost life-sized donkey in your trolley)  For some reason it just tickled my fancy.

I told him that THESE are the moments I wish I had a camera on my mobile phone. Just so I could show him what I see.

He then tried putting Donkey in the seat differently but it didn’t have the same giggle factor so he put it back with the head hanging over one side of the trolley, bum hanging out the other.

It reminded me a little of the story he told me when the Madagascar toys were on sale. He bought the kiddo a huge Penguin. Only she was about knee-high to a grasshopper at the time.

So he’d given her the penguin to carry to the register, leaving a few inches gap between the feet of the toy and the floor, and no kid to be seen. Mind you though I bet the smile she was sporting was just about splitting her face.

Sometimes ya just have to be there to get it.

Toot! Toot!

I want to share my most amazing day with everyone. (well the three of you who read this blog.)

It started last Monday. Marianne de Pierres (she’s on my list below) asked if I would like to contribute book reviews to her YA fiction series website. (also direct link below)

I said yes calmly then went off to do carpet burn outs and happy dag dances ALL over the house. The cats were even running away screaming “OMG Keep her away from me, it could be contagious!”

I received my first two books to review on Friday.
Started writing my first review on Monday, paced myself and had the second book read by Tuesday.

Yesterday, after sending the first review off to Marianne to give it the thumbs up or down, (thumbs up woohoo) I started the second review. (also a thumbs up)

The first review was posted today on Marianne’s YA Website and I’m walking on air over that all on it’s own.

Then to open my emails from Marianne and to have a thumbs up from one of the authors I reviewed in the Anthology… AND the Random House publicist. That is just *deep breath* Friggin’ cool!!!

This is about on par with finding out I was in the finals of that Multicap modelling competition back in 2000.
Also on Par with finding out the most wonderful guy Corvis Nocturnum had added my one line comment about his book to the pre release reviews in amongst some written by the big players in his business.
This is what I imagine it’s like to win the lotto.
This is just off the scale of uber coolness.

Big HUGE thank you’s to Marianne de Pierres for giving me the chance to say wonderful things about some awesome books. 

So who wants to happy dag dance with me? We can make the cats freak out again.

When the moment is just right.

Tree at Witches Falls

Relaxing Picture huh? That’s how my day is feeling right now.

I have all my jewelry orders up to date. Have to bake a cheese pie for craft on Wednesday (but I’ll do that tomorrow). Cleaned the house on Saturday, and it’s still tidy. *gasp*

I’m gonna go read a book.
Have a great week all.

ICA Active Living Program for Seniors


Active Living Program for Seniors

Do you ever just sit around and tell stories?


When we think of a storyteller, the first image that comes to mind is usually that of a mature person, rich in his or her own history, knowledge and perspective about the world.

Seniors carry wisdom gained through many decades of life- wisdom that can only be to the benefit of those who choose to listen. The wisdom of seniors can all too easily be isolated and ignored, both within an aging services organization and the senior’s own families, unless a conscious effort is made to help them a vehicle and an appreciative audience for the wisdom.

Do you have a story you would like to tell that may enrich your family’s lives?

If so then please contact Cathy or Yvonne at Ipswich Community Aid,

1/26 Commercial Drive, Springfield QLD 4300

Phone: 3381 0755 or email for more information

Something just a little special.

Last day of the school holidays and I am so glad they’re over.

The kiddo has had a rough week and I’ve learned that husbands don’t cope well with kids with cramps. His mobile is a little sick, and we’ve sunk almost $50 on useless medications. ~For the kiddo not his phone~

We missed the Abbey Festival, which sucked. I did remember to get the mid year supply list. (when did schools start sending home a supply list midway though the year?) And I managed to get the house back to some semblance of clean….ish.

I did however manage to create another pretty piece for my cousin’s 27th birthday present.

I do hope she likes the set..

Amethyst beads, and other assorted pretties.

 Onwards towards tomorrow. When the house can be once again quiet and I have to try hard to remember to pick the kiddo up from school.

~Yes I have heard the last bell and thought… there is something I’m supposed to be doing right now but I can’t remember what.~

Step it up a bit.

So it might be my year to add some challenge to the mix. (as if it wasn’t a challenge already)
I sent my volunteer form in to Ovarian Cancer Australia, and was given two options as to what I would like my role to be with them.

I could be an ‘Awareness Champion’ or a State Committee member.

I’ve asked to have my name put on the committee list and have inquired about the Awareness Champion role, as the State Committee isn’t expected to get the show on the road until September/ October.

When I was a kid I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything ‘normal’.
(everyone wants to be a rock star, that’s beside the point)
I had visions of well made suits, and high-rise buildings.

This is still a half a world away from that, but I figure I’ll need some well made suits and events may be held in high-rise buildings… who knows, my visions might not be so far off after all.

Bead and Gem Show

Was just the three of us who went along to the Bead and Gem show today. I tell you it was so cold at the RNA we were almost peeing ice cubes.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely. I was completely compulsive frugal when it came to my wish list.

I got my wire and my organza bags. Didn’t manage to get the Amethyst beads, nor the gift boxes. I got my Wildlight studio beads and I got my something special.

This is Nimue. A Goddess Bead, named by a Druid Priestess. She was made by Tracy of Wildlight Studios. And, yes, she is nekkid.

The front side of Nimue the Goddess Bead

Nimue Goddess Bead back view.

She wasn’t cheap. What goddess is? I know I’m not.

 The tag said

Nimue – Celtic.
Spirit Goddess.
Moon Goddess of faith.
Brings Acceptance.

So I worked on her this afternoon…

The Finished Product. The orange things are mood beads. (They go blue for me)

She’s surrounded by pearls and Amethyst. I can’t wait to take her for a spin on Sunday. See if her public nudity turns heads.

Shawn our GPS Voice got really peeved when I was navigating the way home. For an Irish bloke he did a good job of not chucking a temper tantrum and throwing himself out of the car. (He did jump off the windscreen but couldn’t work the window controls.)

On another brilliant note… I was sent an email from Ovarian Cancer Australia today asking me if I want to become a Teal Team Member. Of course I wrote back quickly with a resounding YES!

I am unable to be with my dear friend, going through treatment for Ovarian Cancer, so I show support in other ways.

Now I just have to convince hubby to let me shave my head and I’ll be a pig in mud.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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