Bead and Gem Show

Was just the three of us who went along to the Bead and Gem show today. I tell you it was so cold at the RNA we were almost peeing ice cubes.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely. I was completely compulsive frugal when it came to my wish list.

I got my wire and my organza bags. Didn’t manage to get the Amethyst beads, nor the gift boxes. I got my Wildlight studio beads and I got my something special.

This is Nimue. A Goddess Bead, named by a Druid Priestess. She was made by Tracy of Wildlight Studios. And, yes, she is nekkid.

The front side of Nimue the Goddess Bead

Nimue Goddess Bead back view.

She wasn’t cheap. What goddess is? I know I’m not.

 The tag said

Nimue – Celtic.
Spirit Goddess.
Moon Goddess of faith.
Brings Acceptance.

So I worked on her this afternoon…

The Finished Product. The orange things are mood beads. (They go blue for me)

She’s surrounded by pearls and Amethyst. I can’t wait to take her for a spin on Sunday. See if her public nudity turns heads.

Shawn our GPS Voice got really peeved when I was navigating the way home. For an Irish bloke he did a good job of not chucking a temper tantrum and throwing himself out of the car. (He did jump off the windscreen but couldn’t work the window controls.)

On another brilliant note… I was sent an email from Ovarian Cancer Australia today asking me if I want to become a Teal Team Member. Of course I wrote back quickly with a resounding YES!

I am unable to be with my dear friend, going through treatment for Ovarian Cancer, so I show support in other ways.

Now I just have to convince hubby to let me shave my head and I’ll be a pig in mud.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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  1. Tina Drew
    Jul 05, 2010 @ 08:12:59

    I love what you have done with Nimue! She looks absolutely fabulous and now i wish i had bought the one i liked, oh well i guess i can save up and visit Wildlight studios another day. Thanks for inviting me along on Friday it was a good day even tho i am considerably poorer now, Cheers Tina


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