Guess ya had to be there.

We were doing our weekly grocery trek last night and hubby who is still a bit of a man-child  very mature, found the Shrek toys were marked down.  They didn’t have any more Puss in Boots’ so he picked up Donkey, and plonked it onto the shopping trolley, in the kiddy seat.

It took me a few aisles to find the humor of him pushing this damn toy (which isn’t exactly pint-sized) in the trolley, and the look of total indifference on his face. (What do you mean, of course it’s totally normal to have an almost life-sized donkey in your trolley)  For some reason it just tickled my fancy.

I told him that THESE are the moments I wish I had a camera on my mobile phone. Just so I could show him what I see.

He then tried putting Donkey in the seat differently but it didn’t have the same giggle factor so he put it back with the head hanging over one side of the trolley, bum hanging out the other.

It reminded me a little of the story he told me when the Madagascar toys were on sale. He bought the kiddo a huge Penguin. Only she was about knee-high to a grasshopper at the time.

So he’d given her the penguin to carry to the register, leaving a few inches gap between the feet of the toy and the floor, and no kid to be seen. Mind you though I bet the smile she was sporting was just about splitting her face.

Sometimes ya just have to be there to get it.

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