With the ups comes the almost downs

Yesterday was an amazing day full of happy coincidences.

I got a green light on my guest blog for Marianne’s YA site. *YES!*

Not long after that I received a rather large order from the friend Mum made in hospital. I was surprised and totally stoaked she called. She’s also trusting me to create a couple of special items.

This can be tricky, especially when I’ve never met the person I’m creating them for. But I know what I class as beautiful, so I’ll trust in that to give her something different and something really special.

Not even 10 minutes after hanging up with a happy squeal, the phone rang again.

I’ve been offered a complimentary make-over from Neploeon Perdis at Garden City. I’m impressed and shocked. And you know what, I think I will take the offer.

Just because I can.

As you can imagine today wasn’t as amazing as yesterday, and I got word some of the other elements of my life aren’t in balance. This both irritates me, and makes me feel like it doesn’t matter all that much what I think, people will fight any change, even if it is a positive one.

The silver linings were there today. The bag I made in craft turned out cuter than I thought it would. I was asked to teach some new people to chain mail and I got to have lunch with my craft girls. As a bonus the kiddo was in a cuddley mood this afternoon so we took some Mummy daughter time while I made her laugh with the blog for the YA Site.

Things like that always put me in a good mood.

So even though things aren’t shiny and perfect today, there is always the potential for tomorrow to be just that.

Happy Hump Day!!!

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