The tense wait

Look who was back in the tree again this afternoon…


But he was being rather quiet today, must be hard to squark with seeds in your beak.

He was getting hounded by the Noisey Minor birds and they were creating enough noise to make up for it.

Noisey Minor

Saturday I found a cute little spider in the wattle tree out the front.


All these pictures are keeping my brain away from the terror of the party which is looming closer every moment of every day.

I have the cake ordered, the sausage rolls, the party pies, the 3 different colours of jelly to make 3 tier jelly cups, the party bags are packed and the candy is in ample supply.

All I have to do now is get the house perfectly tidy, pick up the cake, decorate the house, pop the popcorn and hang the doughnuts for the game.

I was asked by a friend if I had my supply of pain killers for the headache that is bound to pop up with all the happy screaming that will be happening.  Check!  Fast action Panadol is in the medicine cabinet.

I’d get a count down thingy, but I have no idea where to find one. That and I should be sweeping in prep for the big floor wash.

ANYTHING to avoid housework!


Father’s day present disaster has been averted and will actually have a result other than, ” oh, you shouldn’t have.” in a monotone voice.

The Kiddo’s b’day party is back on track after an almost last-minute glitch… Thank the powers that be that Disney came out with their own Buzz game. Hopefully it will go down well and the bonus is that the game cost  $220 less than buying a Wii… or even renting one for that matter.

I hit the Logan North Library to support my writer friends on Saturday, bought the entire new series of Rowena Cory Daniells. Had Trent Jamieson sign my copy of his book and enjoyed talking with Kylie Chan. Then sat riveted as they all sat down with Louise Cusack to talk about the pros and cons of book promotion.

There’s no Gencon this year and I will miss it. However my year is filling up extremely quickly… I think I’m booked for one thing or another both days of each weekend for at least the next 2 months.

Busy is good. I can do busy.

Here’s to trying to get the house tidy so a bunch on 9 year olds can mess it up again.


Green Eggs and Hand

over the money!

This blog is a continuation from my 2nd guest blog appearance over at Burn Bright, Marianne de Pierres’ Young Adult Fiction Website. If you haven’t read the blog (No Jocks and Socks. Please!) over there yet, go ahead, we’ll wait for you here.

*Jeopardy thinking music*

Thanks for heading over and taking the time to read it so this one will now make perfect sense.

Never fear the fantastic plastic is here!!!

Gift vouchers have apparently moved up in the world. No longer are you stuck buying 50 chocolate bars and a Take 5 magazine from Coles when your family are to time poor to actually go shopping for gifts.

They can now get a Visa card that acts like a gift card. DUDE!

Basically you can use it anywhere, even online, where Visa prepaid cards are accepted. (Woolies hasn’t come onboard yet… party poopers)

ANYWAY now that my shameless plug for a product I will get no payment for promoting is over, I’ll tell you why it’s my lifesaver.

It means I can go online to get hubby something really cool for Father’s day, without having it show up on his bill. *happy dag dance*

It will mean when there’s left over money I can go get something I want for myself without having to depend on his fantastic plastic. *evil grin*

And the best bit is, it costs only a little more than a money order, so, we can give a huge round of applause to the person (probably a woman) who thought up that magical thing.

I can now do my best Betty and Wilma impression and CHAAAAARGE IT!!

What was it like when you were a little girl?

When dinosaurs rode roller skates and all that.

Monster will be turning 9 in about 2 weeks. 9 going on 30.. which is a little scary cause I’m not even THAT old yet.

We’ve decided that we’ll give her, her first non family birthday party. Which may or may not have been a mistake of epic proportions… I’ll let you know on Father’s day.

But it got me thinking about life when I was 9… it was 19*cough* and the most amazing thing that year was moving into our new house.

I think my room stayed clean for possibly 2 hours after unpacking and neatly putting things away. I blamed the cats for the mess, but I don’t think Mum ever bought it.

I think that was the year that Magic Nursery dolls were THE doll to own. They came with a pouch thing you dunked in water and inside the desolving bit was a dress, or a matching set outfit… it was just magic.

Mum being the genius woman she is bought one for my birthday that had a free doll offer on the box… so we sent away for it. Not noticing in the small print that the competition was over and done with. (And I’m pretty sure was for US residents only) My heart sank and I went into a girlie pout.

6 Months later having given up entirely, I received a very smushed but oh so beautiful Magic Nursery doll in the mail all the way from the USA. It was just wonderful.

I still have both Magic Nursery dolls and there’s no way in heck my tomboy of a daughter will get hold of them.

She uses her baby doll stroller for a car carrier between her bedroom and the lounge room ’cause it holds more than the bucket and you don’t have to lift it to move it.’ Dolls have never, and will never get a ride in it.

But it had me in a bind earlier today… what the heck do you get as party favors for a bunch of 9-year-old girls. Most of whom owned an MP3 Player and a digital camera by the age of 7.

SO I went around picking up a princess castle piniata… a bunch of Gordy looking plastic rings, some plastic beaded necklaces a few fairy wands and then looked again at what I’d picked up.   Hmmmm….. Maybe not. Images of Australia’s funniest home videos running through my head and the lessons all those Dad’s taught us about anything that involved children swinging a stick while blindfolded.

So back went all that and into the basket went a box of small containers of bubble mixture, a book of stickers (with the same ones on every page so I can tear them off and give each girl a sheet), some nifty pencils, a pack of cool looking (but probably useless) Yo Yo’s and a bag of bouncy balls.

Lets cross our fingers that’ll be worthy. I do not want to be sending them all home with a ‘bag-o-hell’ like the kiddo got at some of the parties she’s attended in the past. Full of candy, and other assorted irritating toys.

Maybe I’ll save the Gordy plastic rings and stuff for the treasure hunt the kiddo wants to have.  I keep asking her where she wants to hide everything cause there really is nowhere to hide even a freddo frog around our backyard. I get no answer besides a roll of the eyes and an irritated sigh.

Things have changed SO much. It makes my mind boggle quite frankly at how different our two worlds are. The apple may not fall far from the tree, but I tell ya, the day the kiddo did her falling there was a tornado that picked her up and threw her a ways away from this tree.

I do hope the day goes well. Even if it is just to prove I can do it.

How to kill a perfectly good day

Right. Friday I spent in a heaving mass of ick. I’d managed to catch the tummy bug that’s been rocking grade 4 for the entire term. Oh joy!

I still had to crawl out of my sickbed to vote on Saturday. Hanging off hubby’s arm and leaning all over the kiddo to stay sort of upright. (only slightly hoping they catch the bug)

I made my protest vote against the bunch of jerk offs who want to run the country and it seems most of us did as we ended up with a hung parliament. In way this is great cause it means the two main party leaders were given a good shafting… but alas it means we may have to go back and vote again in the near future.

I can just see the mad monk and the regal ranga try to be diplomatic to each other to see who can actually get their way. My money is on Julia, she could take Abbot any day of the week.

I felt sorry for the poor guy who was trying to mark my name off the electoral roll. His first question was, are you of a voting age… now normally this would really make me happy, but I felt so crap that I just wanted to scream at him to give me the damn book and I’d find my own damn name.

He then asked me if I was sure I was at the right place, and not supposed to be at the booth for the next electorate over… hubby had gone before me and I said as much… *face plant* He then asked me if I had already voted that day. OMG Just stop asking questions and add an E to the first name and get it the *^$#%&  over with already so I can go sleep off this revolting experience.

This year I will have officially been voting for 10 years, so you can imagine how I was rather peeved that it took over 5 minutes for something that usually takes less than 30 seconds. I had evil thoughts of giving the guy a big tongue kiss to pass on my good fortune of the tummy bug, in thanks for making me stand for so long.

*sigh* Lets hope I can make it through the rest of the year without having to deal with that particular moron again.

KK I’m off to go do some housework and get the book for my 5th review finished. My to do list is huge. Time to get on with it.

Nice things

My 3rd book review is up on Marianne’s YA site Burn Bright *squee* (link at the bottom of the page) I’m about half way through reading the book that will give me the 4th review, and the 5th and 6th are calling me from the bookshelf.

I’m going to post the images of the artistic inspiration pieces that found new homes last week. ~hopefully they’ve found their new owners in good condition and the owners love them as much as I do~

The Celtic Full Persian


Then this one I think will be my next best seller. (we’ll see but I have a feeling)

Hope Rose


Then Though I had to edit it so the personal information isn’t visible this is my first effort at making Birthday invitations. The Kiddo said purple… I went PURPLE!

The invitations

Now the crown doesn’t come up so well in the photo, but it’s really a nice offset to the whole purple thing. We added glitter and ‘bling’, not to mention the other side of the darker paper has so much sparkle it’d make Kylie Minogue jealous.

I think they turned out really well. We stamped the envelopes and I tried my hand at crap calligraphy to make the girls’ names look really special.

Lets hope she gets a turn out fit for a drama queen princess.

Not for polite conversation

I was raised correctly with manners, and the two biggest things to avoid in a polite conversation are religion and politics.

I think I’m just gonna throw it all out the window as we’re deciding who runs the nation next Saturday.

Now I have two really important questions to ask before either of the 2 Aussies who read this blog put pencil to ballot paper…

Do you really want Tony Abbot to be our representative, standing next to the man who single handedly draged the USA out of the dark ages, in the White House?

Do you think we want the entire world knowing that our possible prime minister likes to run arround in his budgie finch smugglers?

Right… so since we really are picking the best of the worst lets all have a laugh at the one bright moment in the campaigne.

*Warning you’ll be humming this for hours* Link if it doesn’t play

I seee the light

Hubby has been at me for over a year to pick a light shade for the naked light bulb in my study/ work room / dump. So when he was stuck for how to kill the last few dollars on his gift voucher for bunnings, (Big Hardware store) he’d earned by getting employee of the month, he dragged me kicking and screaming to the light fitting display aisles.

After having to pick one for our room (which looked great in the box and on the fake ceiling in the store… looks bloody awful in our room) I never wanted to have the stress of the task again.

Luckily, I thought like a man this day. I said to myself “Look Belinda, just pick the first freakin’ one you see, make a big oooh aaaah over it and that’ll do. If it looks crap just don’t look up and use the LED desklamps instead.”

So the first one we saw is literally PERFECT!  See…

New Light Shade. Pretty huh?

It’s got beads alllllll over it. Has purple ones too. AND on those days when I’m trying extra hard to avoid housework I can hang sun catchers from the bottom of it to add my own layer of style.

This is what it does to the ceiling when the light’s on.



 So the voucher got used, I got the light shade, hubby’s happy and I spend more time looking at the pretty purple roof now, than I do the computer screen.

I just have to pick the crap stuff up off the floor so I don’t trip over it when I’m walking around not watching where I’m going.

Slightly Moist

Rainy days usually get me in a really good mood. It’s good snuggle-up-with-the-cats-reading weather. Especially in winter.

Cats have internal programming to gravitate to the warmest thing in the room. *grin* I add a hot wheat pack jus to be sure I’ll get snuggles. My only competition is the hot water system, which they sit near if they can get to it.

Today however I have to head to the post office to post an order I have ready to go to its loving home.

I can’t even show you the pictures for at least a week because I don’t know when the new owner will want to gift the babies to their new mummies. *note * – yes this may sound crazy, but you try spending 4+ hours making something as delicate as chain mail, and not forge a bond with it that makes you talk like a crazy cat lady-

I am in love with both of these new pieces I was charged with using my artistic licence on. One is (I think) going to be a new best seller. But we will see.

My lesson with my new students went really well yesterday. A husband and wife team. Both were willing and both were patient. There was much growling and hissing as jump rings took flight across the room, but it was a success none-the-less.

K I now need to go grab the umbrella and get ready to get soaked. Blah.

New bead shop. SQUEE!

Okay so technically not ‘new’, they’re usually an online store, but, in a turn about from usual events, they opened a real shop in Browns Plains. For more information head over to .

You know when sometimes you just see something, and the item just screams someone you know?

I felt that way when I looked at a Blue Moon charm in Photo Continental about 2 months ago. By happenstance the person I thought of when I saw it mentioned they wouldn’t mind a necklace made with a charm just like the one I saw. *Twilight zone theme*

It was the last one there, and I had a voucher so it was on sale. See, all the planets aligning to make it possible to make someone very happy.

Anyways. Here’s the finished product. Looks great on her too.

Deb's Palm Tree.

Two posts in one day. I’m beat.

Is it Friday yet?!?

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