Personal Growth

Well, I had a most brilliant day at craft. 

I love seeing how people’s personalities change, grow and blossum into such amazing things when it comes to being creative.

I swear I have never seen such beautiful bags as those made by one of our girls. She is a bag decorating queen. She does it with such humility it’s just inspiring.

WHEN she gets her wordpress account up and running *wink* I’ll be spreading the word like wildfire.

This attention isn’t to say my other girls aren’t as expressive in their creations. They are!  We have a wonderful time going around each Wednesday checking out what everyone else has brought to do.

Today we had a mix of knitting, jute bag decorating, box making, chain mail and we had the pleasure of one of our more mature ladies bringing in a quilt she started making 5 years ago  BY HAND!!  OMG it was unbelievably beautiful.

We made her promise she’d teach us how to make a quilt just like hers. I can’t wait.

ICA Springfield will be having a gallery day on Monday, August the 16th from 2pm. That spectacular quilt will be on display. So will some of our decorated jute bags, jewelry and works of creative genius from the other classes and groups who call ICA Springfield home.

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