Nice things

My 3rd book review is up on Marianne’s YA site Burn Bright *squee* (link at the bottom of the page) I’m about half way through reading the book that will give me the 4th review, and the 5th and 6th are calling me from the bookshelf.

I’m going to post the images of the artistic inspiration pieces that found new homes last week. ~hopefully they’ve found their new owners in good condition and the owners love them as much as I do~

The Celtic Full Persian


Then this one I think will be my next best seller. (we’ll see but I have a feeling)

Hope Rose


Then Though I had to edit it so the personal information isn’t visible this is my first effort at making Birthday invitations. The Kiddo said purple… I went PURPLE!

The invitations

Now the crown doesn’t come up so well in the photo, but it’s really a nice offset to the whole purple thing. We added glitter and ‘bling’, not to mention the other side of the darker paper has so much sparkle it’d make Kylie Minogue jealous.

I think they turned out really well. We stamped the envelopes and I tried my hand at crap calligraphy to make the girls’ names look really special.

Lets hope she gets a turn out fit for a drama queen princess.

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