What was it like when you were a little girl?

When dinosaurs rode roller skates and all that.

Monster will be turning 9 in about 2 weeks. 9 going on 30.. which is a little scary cause I’m not even THAT old yet.

We’ve decided that we’ll give her, her first non family birthday party. Which may or may not have been a mistake of epic proportions… I’ll let you know on Father’s day.

But it got me thinking about life when I was 9… it was 19*cough* and the most amazing thing that year was moving into our new house.

I think my room stayed clean for possibly 2 hours after unpacking and neatly putting things away. I blamed the cats for the mess, but I don’t think Mum ever bought it.

I think that was the year that Magic Nursery dolls were THE doll to own. They came with a pouch thing you dunked in water and inside the desolving bit was a dress, or a matching set outfit… it was just magic.

Mum being the genius woman she is bought one for my birthday that had a free doll offer on the box… so we sent away for it. Not noticing in the small print that the competition was over and done with. (And I’m pretty sure was for US residents only) My heart sank and I went into a girlie pout.

6 Months later having given up entirely, I received a very smushed but oh so beautiful Magic Nursery doll in the mail all the way from the USA. It was just wonderful.

I still have both Magic Nursery dolls and there’s no way in heck my tomboy of a daughter will get hold of them.

She uses her baby doll stroller for a car carrier between her bedroom and the lounge room ’cause it holds more than the bucket and you don’t have to lift it to move it.’ Dolls have never, and will never get a ride in it.

But it had me in a bind earlier today… what the heck do you get as party favors for a bunch of 9-year-old girls. Most of whom owned an MP3 Player and a digital camera by the age of 7.

SO I went around picking up a princess castle piniata… a bunch of Gordy looking plastic rings, some plastic beaded necklaces a few fairy wands and then looked again at what I’d picked up.   Hmmmm….. Maybe not. Images of Australia’s funniest home videos running through my head and the lessons all those Dad’s taught us about anything that involved children swinging a stick while blindfolded.

So back went all that and into the basket went a box of small containers of bubble mixture, a book of stickers (with the same ones on every page so I can tear them off and give each girl a sheet), some nifty pencils, a pack of cool looking (but probably useless) Yo Yo’s and a bag of bouncy balls.

Lets cross our fingers that’ll be worthy. I do not want to be sending them all home with a ‘bag-o-hell’ like the kiddo got at some of the parties she’s attended in the past. Full of candy, and other assorted irritating toys.

Maybe I’ll save the Gordy plastic rings and stuff for the treasure hunt the kiddo wants to have.  I keep asking her where she wants to hide everything cause there really is nowhere to hide even a freddo frog around our backyard. I get no answer besides a roll of the eyes and an irritated sigh.

Things have changed SO much. It makes my mind boggle quite frankly at how different our two worlds are. The apple may not fall far from the tree, but I tell ya, the day the kiddo did her falling there was a tornado that picked her up and threw her a ways away from this tree.

I do hope the day goes well. Even if it is just to prove I can do it.

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