Green Eggs and Hand

over the money!

This blog is a continuation from my 2nd guest blog appearance over at Burn Bright, Marianne de Pierres’ Young Adult Fiction Website. If you haven’t read the blog (No Jocks and Socks. Please!) over there yet, go ahead, we’ll wait for you here.

*Jeopardy thinking music*

Thanks for heading over and taking the time to read it so this one will now make perfect sense.

Never fear the fantastic plastic is here!!!

Gift vouchers have apparently moved up in the world. No longer are you stuck buying 50 chocolate bars and a Take 5 magazine from Coles when your family are to time poor to actually go shopping for gifts.

They can now get a Visa card that acts like a gift card. DUDE!

Basically you can use it anywhere, even online, where Visa prepaid cards are accepted. (Woolies hasn’t come onboard yet… party poopers)

ANYWAY now that my shameless plug for a product I will get no payment for promoting is over, I’ll tell you why it’s my lifesaver.

It means I can go online to get hubby something really cool for Father’s day, without having it show up on his bill. *happy dag dance*

It will mean when there’s left over money I can go get something I want for myself without having to depend on his fantastic plastic. *evil grin*

And the best bit is, it costs only a little more than a money order, so, we can give a huge round of applause to the person (probably a woman) who thought up that magical thing.

I can now do my best Betty and Wilma impression and CHAAAAARGE IT!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Que
    Aug 27, 2010 @ 23:17:28

    I love the Betty and Wilma “CHAAAAARGE IT!!! That’s pretty funny! I remember that episode.


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