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My new blog post for Burn Bright is up. I take a look at celebrity endorsements. Go VISIT and put your 2 cents worth in. C’mon you know you want to.

New Review up.

My review of Carrie Jones’ books Need and Captivate are up on Marianne de Pierres’ young adult website Burn Bright

Kiddo is home and is like a contented cat with her room. Thank goodness.

K Time to get on with the day.

Glad it’s Monday

Hubby and I have almost finished the kiddo’s room. But I tell you, LEAVE THE WINDOWS OPEN!!!!

I feel like I’ve been chroming (the act of inhaling paint fumes). It was not a pleasant experience.

I thought yesterday, that escaping the house all together would stop me from being physically sick. Boy how wrong I was.

I still feel woozy. But nowhere near as bad. I have almost all the windows flung wide. The lemon halves in buckets of water and fans blasting.

I can hang the curtains later on, and start on the last areas of door trim.

In the process of feeling so crap yesterday I finally got to meet my claytons niece. (The niece you have when you haven’t got a niece).

She’s so expressive and placid. Watching her with her dad and my cousin was an experience I think I’ll remember for a really long time. Just about brought tears to my eyes, it was just that perfect.

K I need to go write up a blog or 3 and start sorting through the toys that will be going back into the kiddo’s room this afternoon and making the others disappear.

Have a great week everyone!

The end of a VERY long week

Kiddo is still coughing, but currently she’s doing it at the in law’s house. Thank the powers that be.

Only poopie bit is the proviso of having a ‘weekend off’ is we have to get her room painted. So as of about 4pm this afternoon the pain is bought, the walls, doors and ceiling have been washed and the ceiling and cornices are freshly painted.

The spot where she tried to eat the wall over her cot when she was 6 months old has been patched, and we’re hoping the paint colours she’s chosen will be dark enough to cover the huge black mark left when she decided that swinging my mounted savage garden poster on it’s hook made a cool sound.

Now on to the paint colours she picked, can I just say here now….. YUCK!!!!!

Right that’s enough of that until the before and after photos. *shiver*

Anyways. Tuesday turned out to be a bit of a downer for our craft girls. Our craft group is one less in numbers. Our most experienced lady of 75 lost her battle with emphysema.

I feel privileged to be one of the reasons she had a joyful last few months.  She will be sorely missed.

Wednesday craft was a little rough, but we battled through and made some snazzy shelf sitters *try saying that three times quickly*

I’ll show you mine when she has legs.

Thursday in an effort to get the hell out of the house, I decided I was going to do the grocery shopping by myself and hubby could deal with the whiney kiddo. Great plan in theory. Not quite achieved in the execution.

It seemed to be moron’s night out at my local store and it felt like everyone has already slipped into the christmas mode they do on the 1st of December.

Day dreamers with their trolley’s right across the aisle. Kids running free. The chin waggers association having their weekly meeting with their 5 trolleys right in front of the egg section. *roll my eyes* The screaming Mimi’s and last but not least the moron at the counter.

To add insult to injury the set of lights we use to get home was severely out of sequence. So bad we had to find another route home, and it took the cars in front of us 7 sets of unsuccessful light changes to just go straight instead of turning.

Thank the powers that be I am a perpetual complainer. I got right on the blower to Brisbane City Council and told them to fix it before there was a bad accident involving one of the buses that needs to turn at that set of lights. (every 15 minutes).

I have a blog about Steampunk up on Burn Bright, and hopefully there’ll be another book review up there to go with it soon.

Need to grab some sleep. More painting tomorrow.

Who needs a lung anyway?

Kiddo literally walked into the house on Friday afternoon and started coughing. Like hack up a lung seriously gross coughing.


So my early vacation plans of trips to the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA) and the Museum have taken a long walk off a short jetty.

It took about 10 minutes of nagging to get her to eat breakfast this morning. She’s so afraid it’ll cause a coughing fit she didn’t want anything… but after not having any dinner last night I had to pull some weight.

Mum loaned me a couple of jewelry books when she visited last week. One is made by the same publishing company who made the ever untruthful ‘easy chain mail’. The other about how to make chain. But has chain mail stitches in it. Their process layout is so much easier than the fore mentioned book.

So my duty for the next few hours include some gross things you guys don’t need to be reading about and sifting through youtube to see if anyone has clips up on how to do the few stitches I liked in a way that isn’t going to send me totally bonkers.

If hearing the theme for my goldfish is evil makes me want to jump out the window I might take a break and snap some photos of the failed attempts at the stitch I’m trying to learn. It’d give my craft girls a laugh at least.

1 is the loneliest number

But Hey I’m the First!!!

I am the only person who put an application in to the State Fundraising Committee from Queensland for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Australia… So I’m all on my lonesome for the moment. They’ve asked me to try to drum up some people to join in. Will grab my sticks and we’ll see what happens.

School holidays start tomorrow afternoon so for the next 2 weeks I’ll be hearing “I’m Borrrrreeeed!” and “I’m Huuuungry.” and “What can I doooo?” So much I’ll be ready to go the retrospective abortion route. 

If I don’t blog so much over the holidays it’ll be cause I’m playing uno for the billionth time, watching the kiddo ride her bike in the yard, or getting her to help me dig a kiddo sized hole work in the garden.

I’m working on making blank necklaces in all my styles so I just have to add charms and pendants for the Christmas rush I hope will occur this year.

Cross fingers the rest of the year is just as amazing at the first 9 months have been.

The words that bring you to my blog

People google strange things to get here to my blog.

Now some make sense… Like the month I went to the Bead and Gem Show, the top search was, “is the Brisbane bead and gem show sh*t”,  to which they hopefully got an answer somewhere here.

Today though it is squark and bum baubles.


Have I missed something?   Bum Baubles?

Now I make some fun things….. but bum baubles.


I’d say I could branch out, or explore new horizons, but I think that would be something none of the 3 people who read this blog wanted to know.


I spent the afternoon and most of the evening creating a slide show to music of the photos taken at Saturday night’s party.

My craft girls might get a chance to view the finished product tomorrow… If I can remember to pack it. 

Why does that sound dirtier than it should?

Where Love Resides

I spent yesterday and most of last night helping prepare and celebrating my Cousin’s engagement.

I think the biggest gift this guy has given my clayton’s sister ~The sister you have when you haven’t got a sister~ is respect. And really, apart from love, that’s the most important thing.

We remembered his daughter, who wasn’t able to be at the party, with a beautiful ornament my Aunt found at a home decor store. It was just what the table needed.

See. Just beautiful.

Hubby took that photo, and it is pretty, but mine shows you why the hand is so important.


The night was special and I now owe hubby more close up photos.

Having close up pics taken, blows.

 I’m gonna go have a nanna nap. I’m bushed.

Cover to Cover.

My new blog post for Marianne de Pierres’ YA website Burn Bright is up.

You can read it here Or go to the link a the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget to leave me some answers to the question.

9 Years later, and I still don’t have a clue

Happy Birthday to my cheeky ratbag. She’s now 9… still going on 30.

I took her up to the park this afternoon, so she could try out the bicycle her grandparents had given her. For someone who feigned trepidation yesterday in front of her grandmother, she sure as hell found her riding legs rather quickly.

Swooping in close as she rode past on many an occassion complete with the polite sounding bell, and the extremely un ladylike car noise and the evil giggle as she rode away.

She wanted lasagna for dinner so I did what every mother would do, got out my apron and mixing bowl and went crazy making white sauce ran down to the local corner store and picked out the one with the prettiest price tag box.  

 She’s gone to bed, and I’m so glad we pretty much made it through the day without a fight.

I did have to step in before she went to school though, she’d been given a manicure set, and decided she wanted to make her nails look like ‘surf boards’. To me they looked like something even Elvira would be looking at thinking ‘hmm, little too extreme’. 

So I wasn’t very popular when I let her know she could either go to school and be asked to cut her nails back, or I could reshape them causing her to lose most but not all of the hard won length.

We got through the reshape with minimal tears and only a little huffing and puffing about ‘Did I know how long it took her to grow them that long?’

K so the next step in the growing up process of my little monkey is that she wants to ride to school. I told her she can when A) she knows the road rules and B) when I own a bike so I can ride with her.

She turned around with her father at the store the other day when we were picking out the birthday bike, and asked me what I look like when I ride a bike. I said a very odd looking spider. Especially if I forgot to shave my legs.

That made hubby laugh, and the kiddo rolled her eyes, but grinned.

So now I guess I better show you what I look like huh?

This one had just shed his skin and I thought he was dead.

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