To get or not to get

One of my craft girls got herself some business cards with Vistaprint.

So I’m gonna do the same. 

Let me know if you want me to email you with their info to allow you to get a discount on any orders you may wish to make.

I tell you. Their free business cards are beautiful, but the thing that had me umming and ahhing was the pens.  They match the business cards and are just *sigh* special.

I’m even looking at a car door magnets, and bumper stickers. *evil giggle* I’d have to slap it on the car while hubby’s wasn’t looking. I’d be dead, but hopefully the glue would hold.

The school photo of the kiddo with the rest the student council arrived today, as did the forms for school camp.

*sigh* I’d forgotten she was going. Lets just hope I don’t get a phone call at 11pm to come get her from the resort (yes, no longer do they do school camps at a camping ground… they rough it with their own private rooms that sleep 4 and ensuit bathrooms) at the top of the Tamborine ranges.

I’d be expected to navigate like I did for hubby’s cousin’s wedding earlier this year. People prone to car sickness should be exempt from navigating duties. Not to mention it’ll be dark. Mountains scare the snot out of me when it’s daylight… so yea,h picture it at night.

Party is 2 days away. The headache is throbbing in the front of my skull already. Got the floors washed by 7:30 this morning and the kitchen is now clean.

Tomorrow it’s the bathrooms and vacuuming the kiddo’s bedroom. (easier to do that while she’s at school). The other doors and rooms can be closed off to the visitors on Saturday.

I have some of the best help coming to give me a hand with the little monsters princesses. My cousin and her fiance. They’re two of the most wonderful people you could ever meet. And no I’m not just saying that cause they’re helping out.

Here’s to a hitch free Saturday… Or at least a couple of Vodka Cruisers to help with the aftermath clean-up.

Wish me luck!!!

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