They should make T-Shirts


I tell you I could never have done it alone. Thanks go out to my Mother in law and my Sister in law who helped blow up balloons and decorate the place… not to mention hanging up the doughnuts.

Thanks go to my cousin and her fiance, who helped me talk the little monkeys down when they got a little confused with the bracelet making.

HUGE thanks go to hubby, who poured drinks, made sure the Play Station game ran properly, and was Mr. Music for pass the parcel, ~and for not doing anything to make me not want to show my face at the school ever again.~

There were presents galore, and a tip for anyone going to send themselves completely insane have their own child’s birthday party at home. Key words are EAR PLUGS.

I am now deaf, glad I am a parent of ONE, and completely frazzled.  I have always been at one with nature. I know why lions eat their young. I’m full of junk food cause I can’t be stuffed cooking an actual meal, and I tell you that small bottle of alcohol in the fridge is looking bloody appealing.

I just have to find spots for the damn cool prezzies and dump the last bag of rubbish and we’re finished.

We took time out from the cleaning so we could run out to the front yard to watch the f1 11’s do their last ever dump and burn over Brisbane for River Fire.

Here’s a few shots I took from the riverfront at River Fire last year.


And the reason I go ga ga over River Fire


The F1 11 at River Fire 2009

Wake me up when it’s morning. Just don’t let me sleep too late, I have to chair a writer’s meeting.

Time to go get ratfaced on half a glass of something pink and very girly!!!

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  1. Que
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 23:36:44

    That is pretty cool. What is in the pic that makes you go ga ga over River Fire? I assume it’s the River Fire but I can’t tell what IT is. It looks cool, though.


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