9 Years later, and I still don’t have a clue

Happy Birthday to my cheeky ratbag. She’s now 9… still going on 30.

I took her up to the park this afternoon, so she could try out the bicycle her grandparents had given her. For someone who feigned trepidation yesterday in front of her grandmother, she sure as hell found her riding legs rather quickly.

Swooping in close as she rode past on many an occassion complete with the polite sounding bell, and the extremely un ladylike car noise and the evil giggle as she rode away.

She wanted lasagna for dinner so I did what every mother would do, got out my apron and mixing bowl and went crazy making white sauce ran down to the local corner store and picked out the one with the prettiest price tag box.  

 She’s gone to bed, and I’m so glad we pretty much made it through the day without a fight.

I did have to step in before she went to school though, she’d been given a manicure set, and decided she wanted to make her nails look like ‘surf boards’. To me they looked like something even Elvira would be looking at thinking ‘hmm, little too extreme’. 

So I wasn’t very popular when I let her know she could either go to school and be asked to cut her nails back, or I could reshape them causing her to lose most but not all of the hard won length.

We got through the reshape with minimal tears and only a little huffing and puffing about ‘Did I know how long it took her to grow them that long?’

K so the next step in the growing up process of my little monkey is that she wants to ride to school. I told her she can when A) she knows the road rules and B) when I own a bike so I can ride with her.

She turned around with her father at the store the other day when we were picking out the birthday bike, and asked me what I look like when I ride a bike. I said a very odd looking spider. Especially if I forgot to shave my legs.

That made hubby laugh, and the kiddo rolled her eyes, but grinned.

So now I guess I better show you what I look like huh?

This one had just shed his skin and I thought he was dead.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Que
    Sep 11, 2010 @ 00:50:01

    Yes! Another spider pic! I love it. 🙂


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