Who needs a lung anyway?

Kiddo literally walked into the house on Friday afternoon and started coughing. Like hack up a lung seriously gross coughing.


So my early vacation plans of trips to the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA) and the Museum have taken a long walk off a short jetty.

It took about 10 minutes of nagging to get her to eat breakfast this morning. She’s so afraid it’ll cause a coughing fit she didn’t want anything… but after not having any dinner last night I had to pull some weight.

Mum loaned me a couple of jewelry books when she visited last week. One is made by the same publishing company who made the ever untruthful ‘easy chain mail’. The other about how to make chain. But has chain mail stitches in it. Their process layout is so much easier than the fore mentioned book.

So my duty for the next few hours include some gross things you guys don’t need to be reading about and sifting through youtube to see if anyone has clips up on how to do the few stitches I liked in a way that isn’t going to send me totally bonkers.

If hearing the theme for my goldfish is evil makes me want to jump out the window I might take a break and snap some photos of the failed attempts at the stitch I’m trying to learn. It’d give my craft girls a laugh at least.

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