The end of a VERY long week

Kiddo is still coughing, but currently she’s doing it at the in law’s house. Thank the powers that be.

Only poopie bit is the proviso of having a ‘weekend off’ is we have to get her room painted. So as of about 4pm this afternoon the pain is bought, the walls, doors and ceiling have been washed and the ceiling and cornices are freshly painted.

The spot where she tried to eat the wall over her cot when she was 6 months old has been patched, and we’re hoping the paint colours she’s chosen will be dark enough to cover the huge black mark left when she decided that swinging my mounted savage garden poster on it’s hook made a cool sound.

Now on to the paint colours she picked, can I just say here now….. YUCK!!!!!

Right that’s enough of that until the before and after photos. *shiver*

Anyways. Tuesday turned out to be a bit of a downer for our craft girls. Our craft group is one less in numbers. Our most experienced lady of 75 lost her battle with emphysema.

I feel privileged to be one of the reasons she had a joyful last few months.  She will be sorely missed.

Wednesday craft was a little rough, but we battled through and made some snazzy shelf sitters *try saying that three times quickly*

I’ll show you mine when she has legs.

Thursday in an effort to get the hell out of the house, I decided I was going to do the grocery shopping by myself and hubby could deal with the whiney kiddo. Great plan in theory. Not quite achieved in the execution.

It seemed to be moron’s night out at my local store and it felt like everyone has already slipped into the christmas mode they do on the 1st of December.

Day dreamers with their trolley’s right across the aisle. Kids running free. The chin waggers association having their weekly meeting with their 5 trolleys right in front of the egg section. *roll my eyes* The screaming Mimi’s and last but not least the moron at the counter.

To add insult to injury the set of lights we use to get home was severely out of sequence. So bad we had to find another route home, and it took the cars in front of us 7 sets of unsuccessful light changes to just go straight instead of turning.

Thank the powers that be I am a perpetual complainer. I got right on the blower to Brisbane City Council and told them to fix it before there was a bad accident involving one of the buses that needs to turn at that set of lights. (every 15 minutes).

I have a blog about Steampunk up on Burn Bright, and hopefully there’ll be another book review up there to go with it soon.

Need to grab some sleep. More painting tomorrow.

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  1. archpaint
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 04:22:52

    I’ve been looking for posts as interesting as yours for a while. It is nice to know you can find quality on the web. I’ve bookmarked your blog and hope you will continue posting such intersting posts


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