The Wednesday that was

My Craft Girls 27.10.2010

Only missing 2 this week. You can imagine the noise we create when we’re all in full swing. But it intrigues the poor people trying to ring the office when there’s so much happy noise.  That and we’re all a bunch of dags.

Before we went to lunch that afternoon we were surprised to hear there was a green tree frog in ICA’s letter box.

This may seem gross to some, but I can remember days when it wasn’t uncommon to have a HUGE green frog come up to the back door and attach himself (or herself) to the glass to eat bugs. Or to have big froggie footprints on your phone bill, because they took up residence in your mailbox. Or your father’s friend moves the leaves in a big elephant fern to have one jump on your head. *giggle* ~ That was fine until it peed on my head ~

It has been at least 10 years since I’ve even so much as heard a frog croak in my backyard. Pollution doesn’t make for happy froggies.

I had a big squee when the letterbox was opened and the frog I have dubbed to be Fred-O-Frog peered out from the dark.


Isn’t he/she just spectacularly beautiful??
He peed all over his rescuer in a river of gratefulness before he could be placed within the foliage of a nearby tree.

Such a shame there aren’t more froggies around. I miss them.

Just Sayin’

Someone must be smiling down on me the last few days.

I had a certain well know best selling author retweet the link to my Zombie dating tips to her 7000 plus followers. Which is VERY cool.

And today I had G read all ten out on  Midwest Para Radio (MPR) and Just Sayin’ radio over on PQRN … Soon there’ll be a podcast dated 28th of October 2010 on the Shows page, just click on Just Sayin and click on the player with the right date to hear him read em out.

Was a great plug from a station who’s all about giving people an edumication and a good laugh.

I’ve been asked to let him know when the future top ten tips are posted and he’ll read them out. WAY COOL!!!!

That’s MPR at 9am and Just Sayin’ Radio at 10am Fridays Queensland time (not that stupid daylight saving time) ~ They don’t call us the smart state for nothing~

1 Other post to go up before the weekend.


Monster High

I did my latest book review on a book by Lisi Harrison called Monster High. You can leave me love over on Burn Bright.

Remember to keep visiting Burn Bright ’cause soon they’ll put up my top ten tips for dating a zombie.

Spring Has Sprung

The grass is rizz.
I wonder where the birdiez iz?
Here’s one…


See the crazy paparazzi lady strikes again. Poor Willy Wag Tail.

But then the kiddo saw what’s been munching on my Gerberas.

Closer shot??

But I had to go find a spider for Que. I call this one Wally.

Pretty flower pictures and then I swear I’m done for the night.

Above is Gravillia buds, below is the finished flower…

A spent Banksia pod. (dried one behind)

And lastly… A Gold Bunny rose.

Argh Brainssss!

I blogged over on Burn Bright about Zombies, and gave a big plug to the Zombie walk that took place through the CBD on Sunday. It looks scarier than I was expecting. So glad I didn’t go!

This report says they managed to get around 10,000 people paying homage to the grossest things that go bump in the night to raise money for the Brain Foundation. LINK

All I can say is EWWWW!!!

Just a Huge WOW

I want to thank Crochet Australia for their tremendous effort to keep their customers happy.

I was asked at craft last week, to complete a square for a HIV/ AIDS awareness quilt being put together by Ipswich Sexual Health Service.

I looked through my candle wicking design books and didn’t see anything that popped out at me to be used.

I had won a gift voucher through Crochet Australia this time last year, but at some stage through the year hubby did a clean up and dumped the voucher. I had written it off as a lesson learned and didn’t think any more of it until buying a new book last Thursday for the square I was to be submitting.

I mentioned in the comments that I was damned blessed with a husband who knew how to clean. I ordered the book, and expected no special treatment.

Not only did I get the book THE NEXT DAY! but I looked at the receipt and they had validated the voucher.

That is the true meaning of customer service. They are certainly on my list of brilliant businesses to recommend to anyone who asks.

Here’s my finished square. I wonder what the completed quilt will look like?

Who Stopped the Rain?

No that I’m complaining… seriously I’m not. I just wanna know who has that power.

The ground outside is still squelchy after 4 days of sunshine, and it even still looks damp. That’s a fair bit of rain.

I really don’t want to experience what people did in January of 1974. I think for once I will be grateful for living on a hill, which is a bugger to walk up to after a long day of trudging around the city, but otherwise does okay.

Hubby bought me my Birthday/ Christmas Present over the weekend. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE it. But it’s something I’ll keep for another time.

Not many weeks till Christmas. Cammit!  I swear the time flies faster at this end of the year.

Oh well have a great rest of the week all. I have to go finish up dinner and then back to work for me.


Lady Bug Boogie

I’m sure these two were sick of me by the time I’d finished snapping. Oh well, what do they expect if they’re doing it in the open. LOL!

Next installment of By the Bel

My next installment of By the Bel is up on Burn Bright Are you a Drape or a Square?

So pop on those bobby socks and jive baby jive!

Kiddo’s on camp over night so I am as free as a bird.. I’ll be able to sleep in really truly instead of a 7am wakeup. Yippee!

Have a great weekend all!

I hear Crickets

It was a quiet day at craft today. There were only 2 girls in attendance. I really hope that everything was alright with the rest of my girls. Especially our noisy ones. The staff of ICA were actually able to hear a pin drop, which if you knew our normal noise level, was off-putting for them.

The Christmas zombie walk has already started.
But at least my chrissy shopping has started. Woohoo for bargains!

Now I just need to pull my finger out and get some damn jewelry made.
K back to work for me.
Have a great run into the weekend.

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