Just Sayin’

Someone must be smiling down on me the last few days.

I had a certain well know best selling author retweet the link to my Zombie dating tips to her 7000 plus followers. Which is VERY cool.

And today I had G read all ten out on  Midwest Para Radio (MPR) and Just Sayin’ radio over on PQRN … Soon there’ll be a podcast dated 28th of October 2010 on the Shows page, just click on Just Sayin and click on the player with the right date to hear him read em out.

Was a great plug from a station who’s all about giving people an edumication and a good laugh.

I’ve been asked to let him know when the future top ten tips are posted and he’ll read them out. WAY COOL!!!!

That’s MPR at 9am and Just Sayin’ Radio at 10am Fridays Queensland time (not that stupid daylight saving time) ~ They don’t call us the smart state for nothing~

1 Other post to go up before the weekend.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cecilia
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 13:36:40

    Yay you go girl 🙂 Rick really enjoyed the post too, we both had the same image you duct taping your lovely hubby together lol 🙂 How about a 10 tips for dating a stoddart worker let other’s learn from our mistakes lol just joshin 🙂 i’ll have to give it a listen 🙂


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