Day 1 of the roof renno.

I didn’t get off my butt yesterday and take a shot of the house pre renno.

But for those of you who know my address, check google street and you’ll see the before view.

They turned up at 7:20am, they were polite and used manners.

Lets see how they go with the important stuff… you know, like not flooding my house.

At the moment they’re blasting 21 years of crud off the roof and it’s making a hell of a noise.

*holds my breath*

K so I’m not really but you know what I mean.

Cross fingers for a good outcome.

Why I flunked Maths

1+1=1.5 sort of.

I’ll explain.

There once was a spider in a tree… and he was handsome even if he did look a little like Jamba from Lilo and Stitch.

Then hubby trimmed his tree and he took a trip to the garbage bin.


Then there was a lighter spider on the bin before him and he was struck by it’s beauty.

The lighter spider took her eyes (all 4 of them obviously) off the first bin spider…..    Annnnnnnnnd……

The kiddo thought perhaps at first he was just giving his spidery girlfriend a hug…

But no, I got the look after taking a few photos.

It was a little unnerving to say the least…. and I doubt it was a hug.


So now you see what I meant.

1+1= 1.5 sort of.

It’s not what you know but who you know

Today I met the fiancé of the kid I used to change the nappies of. (wow that makes me feel OLD)

She’s no longer a kid, but a beautiful young lady. She’s come a long way from the boogery nose and the mud stained clothes. First impressions are very good so I wish them both all the best.

We’ll see if I can get my jewelry known in a few odd places in the months to come. *eyebrow wiggle*

Anyways I have a few bug and flower pictures to share again. So bear with me.












So this was from last week


and these are from today.















A Paradise rose


This one is a bottle brush.


















And a  Stink Bug

Cels Reviews Blood Countess by Tara Moss

I have a partner in crime when it comes to my book reviewing for Burn Bright. Cels who comments on here the most. *grin*

Go check out her review.

She’s also texting me right this moment that she’s picked up a copy of Marianne de Pierres’ LATEST BOOK under her pen name Marianne delacourt.

Sharp Turn.

Go check the book stores and go crazy. We want her on the top ten list again!

Have a great lead up to the weekend all!

Getting my mind off things

Okay these two aren’t helping.
Flowers lets look at flowers.

Blindi, get your gun!

Grade 6 for me was the year I decided I’d had enough of boy cooties. Was sick of the ewwwwwww of dance lessons during PE, and a I deserved to be treated like the princess I was. Dammit!

Things have stepped into the twilight zone for me.

I guess it all started on Friday afternoon on the trip into the city with the kiddo. We were all dolled up, happy and she was getting chatty.

All names changed to protect my alibi the innocent. Internal dialog in italics. Mine in Bold.

“Jimmy wants me to marry him.”
Huh. ReallyWTF You’re in grade 4 for heaven’s sakes.
“Yep. We were playing with April, May and June, we were all holding hands swinging around in one huge circle and I fell over. Then there was a hand, and it was Jimmy. He got down on bended knee and asked me to marry him.”
Next time you tell him he has to ask your parents first.So I can break his legs and hand him to your Father to finish off.
“It’s okay though Mum. I’ll just stand close to him when we cut the wedding cake so if he touches the bottom he can kiss me then.”
~ Me madly texting Cels with an attack of the giggles ~

Skip to this afternoon.

“Jimmy’s here.”
Here, what do you mean here? How does he know where we live?
Hiya Jimmy. Sup?If I try to speak their language maybe they’ll think I require a translator and switch to English.
Why are you here Jimmy.”
“I thought Kiddo would like to play.”
Sorry Jimmy, sorry kiddo *evil glare* The rule of no friends over on weekdays applies to boys as well. Have a safe trip home Jimmy.Fall disgracefully off that bike and save me the trouble.
“Bye Kiddo”

Now excuse me while I go find some online forms for gun licenses and google a bulk supplier of barbed wire. I also need to rename the house to You Wish Buck-o.

Wooooo. Ghosties need love too.

My next blog post is up at Burn Bright. This time it’s 10 tips for dating a ghost.

Leave me love over there. I need love just like our ghosties.

Red it was

The Hair

The Red Dresses

We had a lovely evening. The kiddo was a little surprised that she was THE youngest person in the room. “Why is everyone so old?”

She was confused as to why the Opera singers kept going off stage, only to be called back on stage by the conductor to receive more applause.

She blushed when we were taken back stage for the meet and greet and the hunky Joshua Bloom told her she looked very pretty in her red dress.

I was cringing at my lack of culture when the only things I could think of when they were playing the William Tell Overture, was Bugs Bunny and Mum singing to me when I was a kid about to the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump.

Anyways i’ll write more when I don’t have Abba gold blasting my ear drums from the kiddo’s room.


Hope the week has started off really well.

The Dresses

The Kiddo has dibs on the red one, because we bought her a red dress to wear to the event.

This is the one te Kiddo wants me to wear

The Second option. Shrug.

So which do you think? The red one has tiny glass beads over it.
Unless I throw in a wildcard…
Stay tuned.

Older but not over the hill… yet

The day began at 5:50AM… yes, an ungodly time of the day… I don’t even think the birds were awake in my neck of the woods yet.

But it was all good. ‘Twas Mum offering me the tickets to A Night at the Opera with a meet and greet she’d just won on a radio competition.

A chance to get glammed up, take the kiddo to see the real thing, and for her to  meet a real musician or two.

This will fit nicely into my evil plan to make use of the flute Mum bought me when I was in high school.

And oh pardon me as I break into this transmission while I tell you the background noise I currently have…

Know the noise of the Tardis??? Yep. That’s what I can hear. Hubby bought himself an ‘action figure’ of the Tardis that makes all the friggin noises. If you can sympathize with me I will gladly take your commiserations…

Where was I? Oh yes, Opera.

I have a feeling we’re going to enjoy ourselves very much. (or at least I hope so)

Now to figure out wth to wear. The purple Grecian one, or the red beaded one. Dunno… Might take pictures and let you guys help me pick.

K I’m off to go see if I can hide the batteries for this ‘action figure’

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