Exterminate! Exterminate!

Right. New toy pinging me OFF, and it’s not even the sonic screw driver doing it. ~yet~ For now it’s a webcam that won’t work.

Chrissy tree needs to come down today and I need to reclaim my loungeroom.
Kiddo needs to finish her Garfield scapbook with all the comics from her 2010 desk calendar.
Need to finish buying school books (got at least 13 of them bought) start covering them for grade 5.
Got to stay calm and finish the reviews and dating tips by this afternoon.

Can I do it? I bloody well hope so.

Wow what a weekend

I’m still on cloud nine after a surprising good weekend.

We split Saturday between 3 houses and two families.

Hubby decided we’d stop over the last house so he could knock back a few scotches. *shrug* I can’t remember the last time he had a drink that wasn’t for medicinal purposes. No skin off my nose.

I drank only water the entire evening, and still managed to wake up with a hang over this morning. Which none of us could figure out.

Hubby decided he’s let me buy myself the Christmas gift I’ve been nagging for for over 2 years. So I am now finally mobile.

I have to thank my cousin for talking turkey and doing the hard sell with the sales guy, and this is after being told by the sales people at the desk that the game he wanted (which was advertised online as a freebee when trading two games of the same game system) wasn’t available because they were too busy. *cough* I don’t think there was anyone in the store who was waiting more than 5 minutes for service. ~too busy my rear end~ He put his foot down and managed to get his game.

Kiddo was happy with her gifts, hubby was happy with his and I was blown away by some of mine. I’m going to finally get to go to the gold class cinemas… which I have never done before.

I think I need to go head to bed before I turn into a complete dummy on here.

Be safe into the new year.

Have so much fun it required recovery time.

Ever thought about dating one of Santa’s elves?

My dating tips have gone seasonal this month over at Burn Bright.

Leave me some love over HERE.


Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!

Look who’s on ‘The List’

WHAT the heck are we all going to buy that one person who’s hard to buy for. HERE is Angus and Robertson’s picks for this Christmas.

Brisbane’s own Marianne Delacourt is right up there on the 60 stories for summer list.

Go Marianne!!!!!!!!

Oh and don’t forget if you go into Dymoks, they’re offering a two for one deal on Sharp Turn (by Marianne Delacourt) and Earthly Delights (by Kerry Greenwood)

Sounds like a good deal to me.

The sunshine in my day.

I was just able to cross another thing of my to do list for the end of the year.
I got to see my Dad’s friend, who had come down to visit family, but took the time to come say hello in person. How nice is that?

Now let me tell you, this woman is one freaking cool lady.
She’s been through and is going through some stuff that would make most of us curl up in a ball and close the world out.
Instead she’s a ray of sunshine.

I loved meeting her daughter and grandson as well. He took a shine to my kiddo and I really hope, since they’re only new to the area, we’ll become really good friends. (Or partners in crime, whichever turns out to be true)

After the really up and down day I’ve had I think I need to go make something that requires punching, smashing, or bashing of some sort.

Tomorrow’s hump day… Ohhhhhh joy. *grin*

When Life hands you lemons

You have perfect ammo to throw at the dumb person who wrecked your day.

Just Sayin’!

Just Cause I Wanna

Hubby, kiddo and I tackled Boganholm whoops Logan Hyperdome today.
It was raining so of course hubby didn’t want to park anywhere sensible like, oh I dunno, UNDER COVER!. No. He, in his infinite wisdom, parked where we always freaking park. Waaaaaaaaaaay aways from the entrance and guess what makes it even better? There’s no cover to walk under until you’re right at the doors. Joy!

Mind you though we were literally the ONLY car in that parking bay. It was very eerie.

So saturated and soaked through, we went into the air conditioned shopping center. We tackled a birthday present and then spent 3 hours wandering aimlessly until I called uncle.

We still needed to get the newspaper and milk. We walked up and down aisles so hubby could look for small irritating things he didn’t end up buying and I was stuck in EVERY one of those aisles because people were parting like the red sea for he and the kiddo, but would close back up for me wandering along a half step behind them.

*Manic scream*

See THIS is the reason I can not take huge crowds.

In what driving manual does it tell you to drive out in front of an oncoming car? Hmm? In what classroom did we learn that a person holding onto the second hand of a child is in no way, shape or form, trying to stay in physical contact with said child. What part of Excuse me I need to get through did those people NOT understand. Bah!

At least when I started mumbling threats hubby heard them and decided it might be a good idea to take the crazy lady home. *twitch*
I shoved the newspaper under my jacket (which had only just dried out) and we hot footed it to the car.

We got in the car and the kiddo promptly stomped all over the newspaper with her wet shoes to put her toy cat in it’s seat belt. *twitch* Must keep Noodles safe. *twitch*

Once home I soothed my jangled nerves by snuggling up with Kimmie and Assassins Apprentice for a few hours.

Hubby got to swear at an impatient old lady on Thursday night, maybe by the end of the year I too will have had the chance to spread some Christmas cheer jeer.

Oh yeah. Remind me I still need to buy milk. *roll my eyes*

Versatile Blogger Award

My blog and I were tapped on the shoulder by Marianne de Pierres for being versatile. So this is how this award works

1. thank the person who gave the award and link back to him or her
2. write 7 things about yourself that you might want others to know
3. pass the VB award along to 15 other bloggers whom you have recently discovered and who you think are great
4. contact the bloggers you have chosen and let them know about the VB award

What makes life a little more difficult for me is Marianne and I read some of the same blogs so I will be struggling to find 15 blogs to pass it on to.

I’ll do as many as I can though so listen up.


The Dark Word

Dad by trade

Rowena Cory Daniells

Because I said So

And that’s most of the blogs I read (the ones who weren’t nominated by Marianne already. lol)

Things I like…
~ A fresh, blank page
~ A brand new pen
~ Swiss Chocolate
~ The potential of a brand new book to read

Things I don’t like
~ Leeches
~ Mozzies
~ Grumpy hubby

‘Tis the season to be stormy

Fa la la la la, la la la BANG!!

We’ve had effectively 3 storms in 2 days so far, might get another one later on and tomorrow isn’t likely to be any different. With a forecast of 36C plus (98F). We’re looking at another whopper.

These two where from about 4:47pm 15th December 2010 after the storm came through.

Then these ones are from a webcam I was watching online in the last town I lived in. (for about 12 years)

And Best for last. Note the webcam thing seems to be the only way I can get a decent lightning shot. Just wish it was my webcam, not someone elses.

Day 2 of the painters

Well they turned up at about 6:45am They didn’t come to say good morning. I know they came there to work but really how much effort does it take to come and say good morning for 30 seconds. Ugh. No sorry they just did. 7:30am and he needs to use the loo. *roll my eyes*

I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before but I really have only a few standards for my workmen.

* Say good morning when you get to the job site.

* Work hard.

* Don’t treat me like an idiot.

* Tell me when you’re leaving and…

* Take your shit with you.

Not that hard.


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