‘Tis the season to be stormy

Fa la la la la, la la la BANG!!

We’ve had effectively 3 storms in 2 days so far, might get another one later on and tomorrow isn’t likely to be any different. With a forecast of 36C plus (98F). We’re looking at another whopper.

These two where from about 4:47pm 15th December 2010 after the storm came through.

Then these ones are from a webcam I was watching online in the last town I lived in. (for about 12 years)

And Best for last. Note the webcam thing seems to be the only way I can get a decent lightning shot. Just wish it was my webcam, not someone elses.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cels
    Dec 16, 2010 @ 16:49:18

    36C are you kidding me!!!!! Say goodbye cause this girl will melt today was bad enough. I tries to get pics at the Apocalypse looking sky but they wouldnt come out. Scary!!


  2. Belinda's Baubles
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 06:57:54

    They sky was so green yesterday it was crazy. Did you end up with hail?
    The residual heat here had the pea sized hail melting before it could bounce.
    The windows fogged up and the blast of cold air when I opened the front door gave me goosebumps instantly.
    Woohoo… ready to do it all over again? (not that it’s hot enough yet at 7am)


  3. mohrgainelefay
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 07:30:16

    Love these photos! Are you on Facebook?? 🙂 Wendy


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