2010 in review

January – was pretty uneventful, but most January’s are. Birthday’s and anniversaries is about it.
February – Friend of mine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. A HUGE shock to the system and turned everything on it’s head.
March – Friend had surgery to remove the worst of the cancer. Didn’t go well, and we almost lost her.
April – Friend pulled through and starts rehab to strengthen her muscles after being bed ridden for almost an entire month.
May – She started chemo and it knocked her arround pretty badly.
June – Mum had her first knee replacement.
July – Friend had the strength to go to an Adam Lambert concert. Beautiful photo of her wearing her wig to cover the hair loss. Chloe (the wig) makes her look perky and sweet. *giggle* I also started doing book reviews for Marianne de Pierres’ website Burn Bright.
August – The major pressure is off. I took the time to really throw myself into my WordPress blog and my craft girls. Marianne de Pierres asks me to come onboard Burn Bright as a blogger as well as book reviewer.
September – Kiddo turned 9 and we threw her her first b’day party. What an ordeal.
October – I managed to feel extremely old when the kids I used to baby-sit turned 21.
November – I turned 28. Finished another year with the Vision Writer’s group. (hubby said to put in here that Vettel won the formula 1 grand prix championship) I started to plan my first fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.
December – Floods… rain in buckets… cats and dogs. My home town is flooded, and even the soil here in Brisbane is starting to stink. Christmas was probably the best I’ve had for a while (like almost 10 years).

All in all 2010 was eventful and boredom didn’t play too much of a role. The ups were amazingly high and the lows changed how I see the world. Some of the lessons I’ve learned this year brought home truths that I was hoping to not have to deal with until later in life.

I’ve made new friends, and stepped outside my comfort zone many times over.

2011 promises many new and exciting experiences. I have my fingers crossed that we will all stay safe and healthy in the year ahead.

Here’s to 2011. May it be even better than 2010.


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