Too hot for comfort

Why do shopping centers always put their air conditioning to sub zero temperatures in the heat of summer??

I’ve been spending more time than usual in the shops lately, trying to get the school books bought for the kiddo.
Which for me means, watery eyes, runny nose, and looking like I am having a crying fit.
I usually match this with a shirt with a large slogan on it to stop people looking at my face. My personal favourites are…
“If you think I’m a bitch, you should meet my mother”
“I kissed a Vampire and I liked it”
“Pussy power” *with a cat in between the words*
“I’ll be nicer if you give me chocolate”

So most of the books have been bought now, thank goodness, and we’ve reached the halfway point of the holidays.
In a way they’re going way too fast, and in others I want them OVER with.

Head over to burn bright and leave me love on the blogs, articles, and reviews I’ve had posted in the last couple of weeks.

To all my family in the flood zones be safe.

Note the BBC has been telling the world Brisbane is flooded. This is not the case and the BBC need to check their facts. Just ’cause the poms won the ashes (again) doesn’t make their journalists any smarter than ours.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cels
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 19:08:29

    yeah BBC so wrong got a frantic email from my UK friend she was scared S@#$less that something had happened. BBC have little syndrome nowhere could possibly be bigger that them in any way


  2. Margaret Mager
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 19:43:03

    Plus one frantic email from hubby’s family in UK wanting to know if we were okay – it’s just that they have no CONCEPT of how big this country is. I was very reassuring and gave some stats of travel times between places. They found that very reassuring. Nice to know they care, though.


  3. mohrgainelefay
    Jan 05, 2011 @ 00:03:16

    Shopping centers to that here, too. It’s maddening! Of course, then in the winter, they crank the heat up high too. I hate it the most in restaurants when you are sitting and freezing. Ugh!


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