Book Review – Managing Death by Trent Jamieson

Remember how I won a copy of Trent’s book before Christmas? Well the jury is back and the verdict is in.

Managing Death is the second book in the Death Works trilogy. The first being Death Most Definite.

I really enjoyed DMD. The fast pace and the fact that Brisbane was not just a setting for the storyline, but a character IN the story made this book special.

The second instalment didn’t dissapoint.

If possible, it felt faster, and because I felt like I already knew the characters, I was swept up in the saga so completely I was even dreaming of the book. Not always a great thing when you’re up to the gory bits. Thanks Trent. *wink*

So what’s this one all about??

The Death Moot (read creepy convention) is coming to town. The 12 other Regional Managers of death ~that is the business of passing souls safely to the undereworld~ are all trying to win influence with Steven de Selby, the newest RM for the whole of Australia. Zombie-like creatures from the Deep Dark, called Stirrers, are converging on Brisbane and their god is making his way towards reality. Steve’s love life is a tad rocky due to his bad management of his new position in the Mortmax company, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a madman trying to kill Steve and Lissa the love of his life.

The twists and turns are enough to leave you with a bad case of whiplash. Sometimes, it may leave you with nightmares. It’ll make you want to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, just to find out what the next mess Steve can get himself into will be.

Part three of the Death Works Series, The Business of Death is Due this year, and the previous two have set up such a cliff hanger my nails are about to tear from my fingers in anticipation. All I can say is, ‘Don’t leave me hanging Orbit.’

A solid 4/5

Author Website:
ISBN: 978 0 7336 2484 1
Paperback 368 pages
Released December 1st 2010 by Orbit books

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