New years resolutions so far

Lets see how I’m going with my resolutions…

~ Read at least 1 book a week (at least 52 a year) Up to my fourth book for the year.
~ Make at least one piece of jewellery a week (again at least 52 a year) Nope. But have some special stuff on order.
~ Keep the housework under control (we’ll see) It will happen next week
~ Write at least 100 words a day (A total of 36500 if I can do it) Yep. Between blog posts, book reviews, and Burn Bright articles I’ve been managing this one.
~ Put a story in each month for Vision Writers (10 short stories) Have to get onto this one. First stories need to be in by the 2nd of February.
~ Get at least 1 rejection letter (for my writing) Yeah still working on this one.
~ Raise $1000 for Ovarian Cancer Awareness (means I need to run more fundraisers) Have had monir hiccup on the venue for the fundraiser I have planned for the 23rd of Feb. Will post the official information when I have it sorted out.
~ Plant more sweet basil (and have enough patience to let it grow big enough to use) Have it just need to do it.
~ Hand write more letters (must remember to send them as well) Not started even one yet. but will get to it some time next week.
~ Save money (next goal is to update my wardrobe) Just paid off a HUGE Bill. Now I can move on to save.

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