The last one on the shelf

I tried a few things differently today. Well, not completely different for me, but just…. different.

Hubby left late to get us to the mall in search of socks that will fit the kiddo and hair ties in the school colours. It looked like we SO weren’t getting a parking space.

So I tried a silly ditty/prayer I heard on a talk show during the week.
“Mother Mary, full of grace. Please find us a parking space.”
Boom there was a space. NIIICE.

Then I said to myself that it didn’t matter how much the school socks cost, kiddo had to have some new ones. The tags said $8 for a three pack and was 20% off… but they rang up $6 or something still with the 20% on top of that. HAPPY, and even better, hubby pulled out a 20. *happy dag dance*.

I have been waiting and waiting to get my second calendar, because I want it to be the right one to hang it in my study which has a rainforest, and Victoria Francis theme.
So I wanted the Victoria Fancis calendar. I saw it so many times before the new year but I wasn’t willing to pay $26. They have been pretty hard to find since the new year though.
Finally today we were able to spend some time in Borders. Woohoo! 70% off and the last one on the shelf. I was chuffed. Now I can keep track of my wordcounts and the books i’ve finished.

Kiddo’s school lunches are sorted and wrapped for the week. I have her stuff packed and now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the clock to catch up with the kiddo’s impatience.

I’ve found out in the last few days that both distribution centers that the school has used currently and in the past for school book lists went under water during the floods. So glad I was a tight ass and bought the books through local bookstores early in the year.

Maybe a little change isn’t always a bad thing.

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