First day Smirst day

I feel so good about being home alone for the first day in over a month. It’s WONDERFUL!! QUIET!!! PEACEFUL and I’m yelling. *shrug* nobody’s here to tell me to shush. Yippee!

Don’t have the tennis or cricket on. I don’t even have a CD or anything on yet.
Wanted to get some thoughts down first. Then I can go nuts.

The kiddo, even from the first day of Preschool has been an independent little wonder. She was telling me to ping off before that very first bell went.
Year 5 was no different, but she didn’t actually tell me to get lost this time.

There were some similarities with Preschool this year. One of the Mum’s from our Preschool class moved away a few years ago and she’s come back. I was SO glad to see her. I missed her more than she’ll ever know.

She was the first Mum to ever invite me to a Mummy type party, in this case it was a lingerie party, it was so nice to feel wanted. She’ll probably get a giggle out of it, but, I think of her every time I wear my dream bra. Ha Ha!

I tell you the hug I gave her this morning was as genuine as they come. Glad she’s back.

I think there are some lovely things about staying at the same school for so many years. The longest I ever stayed at a school was 3 years. Moving house, or deciding to move schools meant I quite often had to start from scratch. The kiddo has the stability of knowing what’s ahead of her, how things will be handled and what is expected of her.

It must have been nice for the returning young lady to have some of that stability back in her life.
I’m still wrapping my head around how much her little brother has grown.
They are two of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet and the school is privileged to have them back.

Now I just have to remember to go pick her up. The bells I hear won’t be just a figment of my imagination. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been running up to the school when I look at the clock and freak out on the first day back. *blush*

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