Today feels like the gates of hell

It is HOT today. Felt like 100% humidity as well so it was gross.

Kiddo had her first flute lesson (Yay Kiddo) she almost forgot to bring it home, along with the assorted paraphernalia that goes along with it. But she went back to her classroom and retrieved it. She came home and practised without me nagging her… lets hope it lasts, because I’d love to not have to bug her to practice.

I worked out how many words I wrote in January and it all added up to 9274 words between wordpress blogs and Burn Bright blogs, and book reviews. So close to 10,000. I did have about 5 days of down time so if I weren’t stricken with migraines or helping out with the clean up in Ipswich, I would have easily hit the 10 thousand word mark.

This is good, and though I don’t think I’ll be putting in a story for Vision Writers this month, at least I know I can actually sit my butt in the chair and write.
Though it sounds like such an unstructured, random event. Actually setting yourself a goal makes it more than just popping a few words on a page.

By November I really hope I’ll be disciplined enough to participate in an annual writing event.

I even hope I may be able to get my first rejection letter from a publisher this year. THAT would be a rush and a half. Though an acceptance letter would be far more wonderful, a rejection letter would be just fine too.

To get that letter I have to write. So what’s today’s word count??? 268. Cool!

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