Back into Brisbane City

I had my monthly writers meeting yesterday. On my way into the city on the bus I was wondering what is was I would notice first. The smell, any left over mud, the colour of the river, any damage still to be fixed, or would it be rather mundane with nothing to see?

I tell you the smell was the first thing to hit me. Cultural Center busway was pongy. The State Library and possibly the Museum and GOMA (Gallery Of Modern Art), are still closed to the public to get everything back in working order.

I crossed the river, and it was the most odd colour brown. The council have put a new coating on the walkways and I don’t know if this was to cover the mud marks or not but it made the river look even more brown. Next to catch my eye was the damage. One or two of the wharves are in disrepair, and there wasn’t any river traffic. Not that many cars either. It was still eerie.

There was a serious lack of mud marks. Even on the bridge pillars. It was weird.

The meeting went well and we’ll hope to be back in the state library next month, but if we’re not, the library in the building I’ve dubbed the wiggles building is a lovely shade of Teal in the room we used.

So in the long run, from what I saw yesterday, Brisbane fares very well. Thank you to the friends of mine who have put money into the flood appeals.

Melbourne is now copping flooding and it looks like the Hotel we stayed at on our Honeymoon has gone under again.

Not to mention the Western Australian Bush Fires.

The weather is crazy to say the least.

I still believe the Prime Minister needs to forget her flood tax and bring in a Natural Disaster tax, that way more than just Queensland will reap the benefit.

We woke to Storms this morning and after the heat of the last 5 days it was very welcome, even if it did wake us up at 4am.

Go the Packers!!!!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Que
    Feb 09, 2011 @ 06:23:52

    Ok. Your last line had me. I know that was the least important line but it’s funny hearing someone outside the states making a comment about American Football. Most don’t even like it. 🙂


    • Belinda's Baubles
      Feb 09, 2011 @ 07:25:34

      I’ve been watching the Super Bowl every year for at least the last decade.
      Don’t ask me about any of the teams, but I have loved some of the half time shows.
      Sting and No Doubt was a good one, so was Shania Twain.
      Timberlake and Janet Jackson will go down in history as the biggest ‘what the’ moment in Super Bowl history.
      My favourite ads are a toss up between the Volvo one from this year, and the one where the kids threw MC Hammer back over the fence. (trying to find it and will post it in a blog asap)


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