Called the pain the the rear end electricity provider who can’t get their facts straight, and was told I could do nothing about it.
They said I could send the mail back return to sender, or throw it in the bin. They told me I was a better neighbour than most because I had hand delivered the mail and tried to deal with it.

So I wrote a letter to the neighbours to just make sure I had given them the warning in writing that I was going to be sending their bills back to the power company.

I hand delivered the letter and the bill for the last time.

They were perfectly okay with my plan to send any future bills back to the company. They said they’d called the company after the last bill was sent out but were forced to hang up on the company because they were so rude.

I told them they might want to think about switching Electricity providers, to one that can get their Sh*t straight.

So I will be sending all future mail back, the neighbours are happy we’re on the same page.

I let them know if the power company cuts them off they’re quite welcome to use our phone to rip them a new one.

The things that bring neighbours together.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Margaret Mager
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 19:37:49

    Good one! Just return “not at this address” and let the company deal with it. While you keep delivering their misdirected mail, they (the electricity company) get their money and have no incentive whatever to do anything about it. Sock it to ’em baby!!!!!


  2. Belinda's Baubles
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 21:33:30

    Just as long as they’re right and we don’t end up with debt collectors on our doorstep.
    If we do I will be very put out.
    Glad the neighbours aren’t taking it all the wrong way. They’re just as confused about it as I am.
    How can it be, with privacy laws, I could not fix the address myself, and yet they can change ours with the mistake of one bloody number?
    Stupid electricity provider.


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