Oh For The LOVE….

Right, the story so far… We got new across the road neighbours right before Christmas. They’ve been reasonably quiet. Their sons are a little noisy when allowed to be in the front yard, but they’re kids, they do that.

New year rolled around and we received a letter to our address, but to the wrong person. Now this wouldn’t have been an issue but it was a bill for the electricity company.
I thought okay not a problem, I’ll just take it back to them and it’ll all be fine.


Not only was the address not matching the name on the bill, but our electricity company was switched due to the mix up of one lousy number. How do I know this??
Well we got a notice from our original company letting us know we had decided to discontinue our patronage.
It took hubby an entire afternoon to put us back on our original company.
They warned us to contact our neighbours and let them know if they don’t get their own power sorted that they’ll end up with no power.

So I did that, they confirmed they had fixed the issue and everything should be back to normal.

And this wasn’t exactly true… a few days later we got another bill to our address to the wrong person.
I put the date on the envelope and put it back in their letterbox.

Again I thought it was all finished.


Today I have been given another bill for this power company with the name of the people across the road.
I CAN NOT believe it.

So I am tossing up between confronting the neighbours again, and ringing this other power company and ripping someone a new one.

Hmm. Sitting on hold in the name of neighbourhood peace. Yep sounds worth it to me.

I’ll let you know how things go.

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