My daughter with a conscience

I was reading through her homework this morning and found an answer that made me giggle. Right I’ll set this up as it is on her sheet.

How to make a parachute

What you need:

  • A Large Handkerchief
  • String
  • Doll, such as Barbie or Ken

What to do:

  • Tie about 25cm of string to each corner of the handkerchief.
  • Tie the other end of each piece of string to the doll.
  • Drop the parachute from an elevated position and watch it decend.

Then we have the questions.

1 – Why do you think a large handkerchief is suggested: because it would be easier to see or because it would catch more air?

Answer – It will catch more air.

2 – Is it important that the length of string be exactly 25cm?

Answer – No but is good to be close to 25cm.

3 – If your parachute did not work, would it be fair to blame Barbie or Ken?

Answer – No, because they’re only dolls.

4 – What is meant by elevated?

Answer – In the air.

5 – Which word in the instructions means to go down?

Answer – Descend.


So did you all catch the funny?  Awwww.. at least she knows not to blame the dolls. They are after all just glorified lumps of plastic.

News flash, she’s sitting here and says there’s no point in blaming them, they won’t talk back. HAHAHAHA!!

Sorry kiddo, but it’ll be funny to you when you’re older.

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