Waxing Lyrical

We’re having a romantic evening this week. So I’m trying my hardest to not be my usual tomboy for the next few days.

This means cleansing, toning and moisturising, plucking AND waxing *eyebrows*… Ouch!
I’m gonna give myself a mani pedi, and I’ll even try a shine serum in my hair.

I’m okay with being really girly for a while. It can be fun to dress pretty and totter along on deadly heels. However it gets really stressful. So it doesn’t happen often.

Now for a guy, what do you do for a big night out?
Shower, shave, deodorise and dress and you’re out the door. That’s under an hours work.

For a girly girl who is usually rather tomboyish, you really should start days before.
Waxing should never be done on the same day (especially if you go red like I do).

If you’re having a hair cut and colour you should do it a few days before so the blunt look isn’t as prominent and any dye on the skin has a chance to be removed.

Nails have to be done after you’ve styled your hair and done your make up. But you’ll have to leave at least an hour for the polish to set properly unless you’re going to a nail salon… in that case, don’t forget to pay your manicurist before she starts, so you don’t muck them up when you pull out your purse.

Shaving of legs should be done as close to the event as you can, but be careful to not nick or cut yourself… or at least have a good pair of stockings on hand to cover up the mistakes.

Then you have to pick your clothes. Do you want the short black dress or the long bright pink one? Do you want a jacket, if so what colour, what’s it made from, will the cut of the jacket suit the outfit?

Do you want to wear a perfume? Floral or fruity? The one with the gold leaf in it, or not?

Shoes? How high, are they comfortable and will you need band aids in your handbag, and while we’re at it which bag? What will you need to carry with you? Does it go with the shoes? Do you need to have your hands free, or is a clutch purse okay?


So please guys, when we are a little late when getting ready, be understanding. Looking as sexy as we do doesn’t happen in the click of your fingers.

It can be expensive, time consuming and painful.

Now if this was too much information, just keep in mind when she steps out of the room and does a turn in front of you…. COMPLEMENT HER.

If she has to ask you how she looks then you obviously don’t care how much effort when into her appearance. That’s not going to go down well and may start the evening off on the wrong foot.

Okay I’m done, back to your previously scheduled program

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