The mountain I have conquered

In preparation for Yunyu’s song Angel Arias being released on ITunes I decided I had to figure out how to use the program and may as well get some practice in while I’m there, so on the day I can just click and Squee, not spend hours on downloads only to have to restart the computer for the 50th time and be told I’d loaded the wrong version of ITunes.

Now anyone who followed me over from myspace, knows my history of hatred for anything apple related. Hubby got an Ipod a few years ago and I called him an idiot for the entire 3 and a half months it took him to learn how to put music on the dumb thing… then spent the next six months trying to get him to loan it to me for my bus trips into Brisbane City… which he did once (so I left it on in my handbag and handed it back to him flatter than a toad on the M1 highway. It’s rechargeable)

I then got myself a cheap and chips mp3 player for $20 and it’s still working after going through the wash twice. *cringe* I have no need for the rotten apple.

But I digress.

I have conquered ITunes. Have loaded the incorrect (and then the correct) version, and already run up a bit of a bill downloading songs I never had the chance to own on CD. (Or that I hated every other song on the CD and never bothered buying the EP)

Also HAD to pick one song that really makes hubby cringe at. Shannon Noll… you know the Australian Idol guy… Did he win I can’t even remember?? Anyway about what seems like a decade ago he released a song written by Bryan Adams called ‘Drive’.
It’s your run of the mill testosterone oozing thick-as-a-brick guy song.

The first lines are…

I got a car
I got a big black shiny car
Maybe tonight we can go for a ride…

This I imagine would be accompanied by a slap on the bum or a come hither eyebrow wiggle.

Anyway if you want to know what I mean, I went and searched youtube for the clip. Shot in Hay New South Wales apparently…

Here’s the clip have a great Thursday all!


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