Fence sitter

We had our romantic night last night.

Dinner, concert and a sleep over at outriggers.

Was lovely (except for the air conditioning and the pathetic pillows)







We did the touristy thing after a dinner in New South Wales. Not a bad rump steak for $9.

Maybe Queensland is the smart state. We don’t do daylight saving and I was reaffirmed as to why we DON’T need it.

It was so warm, and if I was raising kids I’d be trying to get them to bed while it was still light out. It’s hard enough to do it when it’s dark out.

We don’t need no stinking DLS.

The support act for Belinda was Fancesca de Valence.  She’s a Brisbane girl and is just a pretty in person on the outside as her voice and song writing is from the inside. Bought both her albums and I’m going to enjoy them.


Belinda is still rocking the house. Wish I had the chance to have a photo with her, but it was enough to finally hear her sing the song that haunted me through my early years (Heaven is a place on Earth). I can remember as a kid looking at my cousin’s cassette of Belinda Carlisle, thinking, ‘I have never heard of anyone else with the same name as me. She MUST be cool.’

Was glad to head home and I think I’m gonna go grab another nap. *yawn*

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