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Experts over at card company Hallmark, say the age women start turning into their mothers is 32.

They say that we start using phrases our Mum’s use, and we pick up their habits, like worrying or stocking up on groceries, watching soap operas and become far more opinionated.

Well have I got news for THEM.

We all know what an expert is. An ex is a hasbeen and a spurt is just a drip under pressure….

What the freaking heck am I going to do when I turn 32… sorry Mum but *home alone screaming face* I’m gonna be OLD, the beginning of the end.

Right I’m off to go to the store. I have to make it back in time for Days of our Drearies… but you know, it is kind of like stirring porridge with a toothpick watching that rubbish.

My only comfort in all this horrific news is two wonderful things

#1 a third of men said they inherited their mother’s idiosyncrasies *evil giggle*


#2 the kiddo is already on her way. I love it when she turns to her friends when they’re pouting after I refused another sleep over says “She’s not meant to be my friend, she’s my Mother.”

The transformation has begun Mwa hahahahahaha!


My Ovarian Cancer Jewelry Pieces

These are not ‘official’ OCA pieces, but they are being made to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Bag or phone Dangles. The charm behind the ribbon reads ‘Made With Love.’ $5 AUD

The Chain Mail Necklace. Again the charm behind the ribbon reads ‘Made with Love’ $30 AUD

OMG… Thanks to the spam fairy.

I opened my inbox to find this sitting there smiling back to me. Wow I’m rich! Now all I have to do is answer him back with all my personal details so I too can become one of the many suckers across the globe to have my identity stolen and have my bank accounts fleeced. I just can’t wait…

Attn: Beneficiary,
Be informed that your identity has been chosen and you have been
compensated with(US$300,000.00) from International
Monetary Fund Unit (IMF) as part of our Compensation promotion
by the United Nations Government.
Your transfer has been approved via our department of Western Union.
Your urgent respond is highly needed with the
re-confirmation of your details where and how to receive your funds in our
office such as:

Your Name:…..
State and City…….

The payment of US$9000.00 has already been made through Western Union
for you to pick it up.You are required to activate your payment files,
to ensure that you are the right person receiving the fund.
Upon activation ,you can pick up the first transfer of US$9000.00

(M.T.C.N): to be revealed on activation
Senders First Name: Joseph
Senders Last Name:Richards
Question: WHO?
Answer: ME
Amount: $9,000.00 USD

You can get back to us via email or telephone# for more details
while the amount you will be confirming daily is (US$9000.00)

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Mr. Collins Moore
Western Union United Kingdom
Mr Frank Griffin
Email: western.unionmtcndept11@zoho.com
Manager Western Union America.

This e-mail is for the intended recipient only If you have received it by
mistake please let us know by reply so you can be removed from our
beneficiareis,access,disclosure, copying,distribution or reliance on any
of it by anyone else is prohibited.
If you as intended recipient have received this e-mail incorrectly, please
notify the sender (via e-mail) Immediately.

How do I put this

The high point of yesterday was winning a book by Tansy Reynor Roberts.

I had my fundraiser yesterday and it was somewhat underwhelming. I am grateful to Alison and my Mother in law who stood up with me and went above and beyond in their support.

I am grateful to Judy Roser who has allowed the order to stay open until the 29th of March and is offering 10% of the total profits to go to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

www.mycmsite.com.au/jroser to see the most up to date catalog and to place your online orders.

Please remember if you would like to put an online order in to add Belinda Hamilton’s Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser in the notes box on the order form.

Photos to come.


Kiddo is falling behind in maths for a third year in a row and I have been attempting to help her with her homework for the third year in a row, only to be yelled at, and told that I am NOT to help her for the third year in a row.

Thinking my daughter was just being a little hormonal, I wrote a letter to the teacher asking for a little back up. Asking her to give the kiddo extra work and all that jazz.

I went up to see what the teacher had to say for herself.

I found the root of the rude comments to me about I am NOT supposed to be helping for the last three years. I found why my daughter thinks I am an idiot.

Because I was told “Things were done differently when you went to school Mum.” “Homework is not meant to be stressful.” oh and my personal favourite… “We’re preparing them for highschool.”


Okay in the last, oh I dunno, 50 years, do you really think the process of a vertical algorithm of 24 X 4 has changed all that much?

Homework is supposed to be a revision of the work the kids have done in class… so why does my daughter not know the process of getting the answer to the above sum and then you expect me to not stress about it when she refuses to let me help her learn it.  ESPECIALLY when my aid is being thrown back in my face at the instruction of their school teachers.

If she does NOT know the process of how to get the answer of the above sum then how the bloody hell can anyone claim they are prepared for highschool.


I can feel the steam coming from my ears because I have a strong suspicion where the root of the teachers high and mighty attitude comes from. My most favourite people in the whole school. Not. And they wonder why they get sweet F*A support on so many school related things.

I have to at least make my feelings known before I can get the regional manager involved. I am not looking forward to having to front up to the principal and the deputy. The deputy of which on a different matter has told me and I quote, “You are just one voice and one voice doesn’t matter.”

Yep. A few more sleepless nights are ahead of me I think. Joy!


My big step towards another resolution

A reminder of my resolutions for 2011…

~ Read at least 1 book a week (at least 52 a year) On Target so far
~ Make at least one piece of jewellery a week (again at least 52 a year) Nope, three almost done though
~ Keep the housework under control (we’ll see) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
~ Write at least 100 words a day (A total of 36500 if I can do it) Running at approximately 299 words a day.
~ Put a story in each month for Vision Writers (10 short stories) Nope.
~ Get at least 1 rejection letter (for my writing) Not Yet
~ Raise $1000 for Ovarian Cancer Awareness (means I need to run more fundraisers) Ahhhhh more information Below
~ Plant more sweet basil (and have enough patience to let it grow big enough to use) Not Yet
~ Hand write more letters (must remember to send them as well) Not Yet
~ Save money (next goal is to update my wardrobe) Not Yet

I have my fundraiser all back on track…
Creative Memories Party to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Awareness is now on the 23rd of March at Sensible Health and Mobility Initiative Unit 10. 77 Eastern Road Browns Plains. 4118. Start time is 10am.

The venue will hold approximately 20 people.

We ask that people park on Eastern Road rather than on the premises.

I also have a raffle going which will be drawn on the 23rd. Tickets are $1 each or 3 for $2

First prize – a rather pretty Creative Memories bag and a hand made chain mail necklace, combined value of

This is no time for fence sitting.

I feel strongly about this one, and wish to allow you all to have your say.
Warning the video shows real violence.

So now you’ve watched the video, what’s your view?
Do you think it’s wrong the victim is suspended?

What I would like to see is the bully charged with assault, the camera person charged with failure to assist and the victim apologized to. And the school should be sued for not dealing with the issue before it got this far.
99% of schools brag about having a Zero tolerance stance on bullying… so why has it taken 3 years and a double suspension for them to see just what an epic fail their system really is.

After alleged years of being picked on, bullied and abused, the boy finally decides enough is enough. Nobody else has done anything that worked. So he took the situation in hand… literally.


The bully has be receiving death threats. THAT is not okay. It’s just sick.

Violence is not the answer, but as a last resort it was pretty gentle. One act, and there were no fists involved. There was no kicking. There was no act beyond the impromptu lift and drop.

Did the bully deserve it..? You betcha
Did the victim deserve to be suspended..? No!
Does the school now have to wake up and listen for a god damn change? They’d better.

Leave comments. I want to hear what you have to say.

Friday Ketchup

My Banner.
Link to the Studio

Nervous as

I could add so many things here but I wont… I really am nervous though.

Saturday morning 6am (Friday 3pm EST USA) I will go live on PQRN with my show Friday Ketchup.

Add me on Facebook to keep as up to date and I can remember to be.

Search for Friday Ketchup.

Tune in and see what I can talk about in an hour.

*sniff* Bye Bye A&R

One third of my book purchasing nirvana is going down the gurgler in the next few weeks. Angus and Robertson at the three most local shopping malls are heading into receivership and that makes me sad… but it also has me giggling with delight.


So I will be sad to see their doors close, but really, they’ve not been overly competitive for years.

Though I will be sad, it is a rather large win for the smaller book stores like pulp fiction and rosemary’s romance.

R.I.P those important A&R Stores. Long live independent and smaller bookstores.

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