Kiddo is falling behind in maths for a third year in a row and I have been attempting to help her with her homework for the third year in a row, only to be yelled at, and told that I am NOT to help her for the third year in a row.

Thinking my daughter was just being a little hormonal, I wrote a letter to the teacher asking for a little back up. Asking her to give the kiddo extra work and all that jazz.

I went up to see what the teacher had to say for herself.

I found the root of the rude comments to me about I am NOT supposed to be helping for the last three years. I found why my daughter thinks I am an idiot.

Because I was told “Things were done differently when you went to school Mum.” “Homework is not meant to be stressful.” oh and my personal favourite… “We’re preparing them for highschool.”


Okay in the last, oh I dunno, 50 years, do you really think the process of a vertical algorithm of 24 X 4 has changed all that much?

Homework is supposed to be a revision of the work the kids have done in class… so why does my daughter not know the process of getting the answer to the above sum and then you expect me to not stress about it when she refuses to let me help her learn it.  ESPECIALLY when my aid is being thrown back in my face at the instruction of their school teachers.

If she does NOT know the process of how to get the answer of the above sum then how the bloody hell can anyone claim they are prepared for highschool.


I can feel the steam coming from my ears because I have a strong suspicion where the root of the teachers high and mighty attitude comes from. My most favourite people in the whole school. Not. And they wonder why they get sweet F*A support on so many school related things.

I have to at least make my feelings known before I can get the regional manager involved. I am not looking forward to having to front up to the principal and the deputy. The deputy of which on a different matter has told me and I quote, “You are just one voice and one voice doesn’t matter.”

Yep. A few more sleepless nights are ahead of me I think. Joy!


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