OMG… Thanks to the spam fairy.

I opened my inbox to find this sitting there smiling back to me. Wow I’m rich! Now all I have to do is answer him back with all my personal details so I too can become one of the many suckers across the globe to have my identity stolen and have my bank accounts fleeced. I just can’t wait…

Attn: Beneficiary,
Be informed that your identity has been chosen and you have been
compensated with(US$300,000.00) from International
Monetary Fund Unit (IMF) as part of our Compensation promotion
by the United Nations Government.
Your transfer has been approved via our department of Western Union.
Your urgent respond is highly needed with the
re-confirmation of your details where and how to receive your funds in our
office such as:

Your Name:…..
State and City…….

The payment of US$9000.00 has already been made through Western Union
for you to pick it up.You are required to activate your payment files,
to ensure that you are the right person receiving the fund.
Upon activation ,you can pick up the first transfer of US$9000.00

(M.T.C.N): to be revealed on activation
Senders First Name: Joseph
Senders Last Name:Richards
Question: WHO?
Answer: ME
Amount: $9,000.00 USD

You can get back to us via email or telephone# for more details
while the amount you will be confirming daily is (US$9000.00)

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Mr. Collins Moore
Western Union United Kingdom
Mr Frank Griffin
Manager Western Union America.

This e-mail is for the intended recipient only If you have received it by
mistake please let us know by reply so you can be removed from our
beneficiareis,access,disclosure, copying,distribution or reliance on any
of it by anyone else is prohibited.
If you as intended recipient have received this e-mail incorrectly, please
notify the sender (via e-mail) Immediately.

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