A week of maybe’s

I have a huge long list of things to do this week and really only have 4 days to do it in.
Today – read and critique stories for Sunday
Sunday – Vision and working on gifts and donations
Monday – have to get the donations finished
Tuesday – jewelery making, card making, possible youtube clip creation and i want to go see a movie (paul or fast 5) and get to the post office.
Wednesday – more crafty stuff.
Thursday – Maybe get an interview in for a prerecorded Friday Ketchup. If not do my research. Finish off the gifts
Friday – Hubby on RDO family commitments and trying to stay sane.
Saturday – More fundraising for Ovarian Cancer.

I have no idea if I will get all that stuff done but at the moment I’m not getting it done by writing on here.

Back to it.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

When is a recall not a recall???

When it’s a ‘Technical Upgrade’
Uh huh. What a load of horse manure.
So Mazda sent us a letter telling us about this ‘technical upgrade’ that really should be classed as a recall.
I rang up to make the appointment, and as hubby only gets maybe one day a month free to do these things, I told the service center guy that date, to which I was told no.

I am an only child and I do not take to being told no very well.

I told him how ridiculous it was that they make the ‘technical upgrade request’ of us all and then not make allowances for people who only have minimal time… and then asked him what people who work 5 days a week 9-5 are supposed to do. He had no answer.

So I made the appointment for the next available day and now we sit and hope that the ‘glitch’ doesn’t manifest into something dangerous between now and over 5 weeks away.

Still gets me how Toyota (who did actually have a recall on the vehicle we owned before this one) were able to take the car in and have it back to us within 2 hours, and this Mazda ‘technical upgrade’ will take 4 hours. What a load of horse Manure… whoops I said that already didn’t I?

So we’ll be looking at Toyota’s again when we decide we’ve had enough of this car, anything has got to be better than over priced vehicle services that take freakin’ forever, and crap customer service.

If I want to have to wait a month to be seen I’ll call my doctor. When there’s a dodgy part on my car I want it fixed, and fixed NOW!

Confused Kitty

My cat Kimmie is miffed at me at the moment. It’s raining and cold outside, this is usually her opportunity to squish herself under the blankets and curl up purring loudly, dribble a little and make cute little chirps as she dreams.

I’m using my laptop. Therefore the covers are a little heavier than they should be, preventing her from clambering under them.
She has her head in the way of my arm, and she’s given up on trying to climb under the laptop.
I insulted her kitty intelligence by telling her it is a ‘lap-top’ not a ‘cat-top’.

She’s making my life a little difficult in hope that i will take pity on the kitty and put away the computer so she can snuggle again.

She’s lucky I have my next book ready to go.

This will be book 22 for the year. woohoo for me.

Days like this are made for kitty people. I guess dogs are okay but they don’t purr. Sorry for my dog lover friends, but you’ve not really had a nice rainy day until you’ve curled up with a cat.

Still deaded from the cute and review of The King’s Bastard

Sunday afternoon I started a fabulous book by my friend, author Rowena Cory Daniells.
I’d had the book sitting on my book shelf since September last year; the entire trilogy of King Rowland’s Kin actually, and I wanted to be in the right mood to take advantage of Rowena’s gift for vivid imagery, intricate story lines and polarising characters. So Sunday was the day.

She touts these books as a ‘keep you up all night books’… and she sure is correct. I found myself awake far later than normal of an evening just so I could get to the end of the chapter.

The last 50 pages were probably the hardest to get through because I was torn between speeding ahead, or savoring every scene. It was a tough decision but at 2pm Thursday afternoon I can now say I have read book 1 of King Rowland’s Kin…. ‘The King’s Bastard’.

If you can get your hands on a copy of the trilogy GRAB IT.

I feel better knowing I can head on with book 2… ‘The Uncrowned King’ when I’m ready.

If the book had any more twists I’d be needing a neck brace. It truly is a work of art.
Well done Rowena. You’ve outdone yourself.

Now onto the next cute clip I’d like to share with you all.
If you don’t like songs that get stuck in your head I warn you this one is a right royal ear worm. Incredibly cute though…..

Died from all the cuteness

There’s a fog rolling in at about 7:30am today… which is weird.
The government has announced Aussie women will now be allowed on the front lines in war. Also weird.

I say stop all the hating and take a leaf out of the book from this cool cat and fabulous fish.

I still would love to know what the animals are saying to one another.

Cat – Fush.
Dolphin – Hairball
Cat – Tuna breath
Dolphin – Touch
Cat – Not the fur
Dolphin – Touch
Cat – I’ll cut you up

Crack me up.

Signs you’re hooked on books

~ Bookmarks are like eye candy, you see one and are overcome with ‘oo shiney’ syndrome. You flick through them reading the readable ones, awwing at the cute ones, gasping at the artistic ones and giggling at the funny ones… but do you buy one? No, because you own more than the store does.


~ When you’re finished with a book it will sit with a huge pile of books on the head of your bed. Not because you’re lazy (though some may believe it to be so) it is because the book shelves are full.


~ When you start encroaching on the book shelves of the other members of your household. “Here’s a book you may like to read when you’re ready dear. We’ll just put it on your book shelf until you’re ready.” Just so you can have space for the signed copy of Burn Bright.


~ When you start eying off the collection of book your hubby has and wonder how many paperbacks you could fit per shelf if you sold all his hardcovers.


~ When the people at the book stores know which books you have already bought off them and they let you know when the next in the series is due out.


~ When you wake up in the morning with typeface on your face because you drooled all over the pages when you fell asleep with the book under your cheek.


~ When you can beeline to your section of the library and within a few sweeps of the eye can tell if there’s anything worth borrowing.


~ When you take on a book reviewing gig to A) be exposed to a wider range of authors and B) to be able to read more.


~ When you’re a member of goodreads.com and you have put in for just abut every give away in the give away section and are known to do insane happy dances when you finally win one.


~ When your daily routine includes reading over breakfast, reading while doing any waiting, reading while the ads are on during Ellen. Reading during lunch. Reading while walking to do the school pick up. Reading while making and consuming dinner. Reading before bed, which seems to be getting later and later as the books just get better and better.


~ When 24 hours isn’t an unreasonable time span to knock over a large tome of 400 or so pages.


~ When your family members know to ask how many pages until the next chapter before they ask for what they need.


~ When all the Borders and Angus and Robertson stores close in your generaly accessible area and this makes your heart go into a weird type of stutter.


~ When some of your friends happen to be authors.


~ When even your Mother (who is a complete bookworm herself) is blown away by the number of books you’ve read in the last 4 months.


For the record I am on book 18 for the year; And I think I better stop writing these signs, because it’s making me feel like I may be hooked on books, when really I’m not.  No, not at all.

Ilona Andrews Give away on Marianne de Pierres.com

New York Times best selling authors Ilona Andrews is gracing Marianne de Pierres.com with their loveliness, and as an added Bonus is offering a give away of a set of signed books from their Edge Series: ON THE EDGE and BAYOU MOON.

How cool is that???

So hop to it and go leave the requested comment on the blog.


Good luck!

The New Theme

So what do you all think of the new theme??


I was made aware that perhaps the teal theme wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to read…. so, because I trust the person who told me this, I decided a change was in order.

Pink (The colour not the singer… I LOVE the singer) isn’t really me, but there is so few ‘me’ free themes in the back of house on wordpress, that this is the best one. It is growing on me the more I look at it. So I hope it will for you too.

Lets see if I can get any of these Supanova pics to load.

We were only 3/4 of the way through the line.

Love this picture

The random guy at the back was really nice.


Spidey has been reading my blogs and has no VPL. Gold Star Spidey!

Marianne’s Brisbane Book Tour from my POV

Thursday night, Cels, the clan and I went to Victoria Point Library for an ‘Evening with Marianne’.

Numbers looked plentiful to me, and the questions asked made a whole lot of sense. However, apparently, there were quite a few people who said they would attend and didn’t. Pity for those people, they missed a heap of fun.

Friday night, Pulp Fiction was the place to be for conversations and networking.

Friends, and fans alike found the quiet, intimate setting to be a brilliant place to catch up. Pulp is definitely a ‘must visit regularly’ place in Brisbane. I had forgotten how much I Love that shop.

Saturday was Supanova. OMG!!!

It took us over an HOUR to get in the door and we had pre purchased our tickets. The line went up 2 blocks, and around the corner when we got there, and it probably was way longer than that by the time it started actually moving at 10AM.

Once inside it was apparent that Supanova has completely outgrown it’s space at the RNA Showgrounds. It was like very squashy conga lines in every part of the building and getting down stairs to get a breath of air was a trial to say the very least.

I didn’t do too much looking around because I have a dislike of extremely squashy situations. People are generally short tempered and push and shove when there’s a bargain involved, also my back was killing me from all the standing outside waiting to get in.

It was hot and noisy, but I am so thankful Marianne and the other magnificent authors on the Dymmocks  stall were near a space on the floor plan that was rarely over crowded. It gave me a place to breathe.

The panel with Marianne and Rowena was one of the best I’ve attended for a while, with intelligent questions and really on the ball answers.   I would have liked it to be held in a room with carpeting, as the space was a bit of an echo chamber, and at times it was extremely difficult to hear more than a loud mumble from anyone.

By the time we were heading out the door, Hubby had made us his mind to let me off the hook for cooking dinner and we splurged with a meal a Sizzler’s. We won’t be doing that again for a REALLY long time as their prices have gone up and they’ve refurbished the venue. We did more standing around for what felt like another hour to even put in our order. What a day.

I’m not sure how I’m going to survive doing a book tour from the other side of the fence. It is SO full on and yet extremely important, so you must battle on.

Friday Ketchup News….

I have  3 Author interviews on the list to happen in the near future, and a brilliant interview from my friend who is battling ovarian cancer on the cards.  I’ve asked a Paranormal investigator from Adelaide for an interview, so hopefully she will get back to me with a positive answer.

Supanova pics are on their way.

Burn Bright Banner