Marianne’s Brisbane Book Tour from my POV

Thursday night, Cels, the clan and I went to Victoria Point Library for an ‘Evening with Marianne’.

Numbers looked plentiful to me, and the questions asked made a whole lot of sense. However, apparently, there were quite a few people who said they would attend and didn’t. Pity for those people, they missed a heap of fun.

Friday night, Pulp Fiction was the place to be for conversations and networking.

Friends, and fans alike found the quiet, intimate setting to be a brilliant place to catch up. Pulp is definitely a ‘must visit regularly’ place in Brisbane. I had forgotten how much I Love that shop.

Saturday was Supanova. OMG!!!

It took us over an HOUR to get in the door and we had pre purchased our tickets. The line went up 2 blocks, and around the corner when we got there, and it probably was way longer than that by the time it started actually moving at 10AM.

Once inside it was apparent that Supanova has completely outgrown it’s space at the RNA Showgrounds. It was like very squashy conga lines in every part of the building and getting down stairs to get a breath of air was a trial to say the very least.

I didn’t do too much looking around because I have a dislike of extremely squashy situations. People are generally short tempered and push and shove when there’s a bargain involved, also my back was killing me from all the standing outside waiting to get in.

It was hot and noisy, but I am so thankful Marianne and the other magnificent authors on the Dymmocks  stall were near a space on the floor plan that was rarely over crowded. It gave me a place to breathe.

The panel with Marianne and Rowena was one of the best I’ve attended for a while, with intelligent questions and really on the ball answers.   I would have liked it to be held in a room with carpeting, as the space was a bit of an echo chamber, and at times it was extremely difficult to hear more than a loud mumble from anyone.

By the time we were heading out the door, Hubby had made us his mind to let me off the hook for cooking dinner and we splurged with a meal a Sizzler’s. We won’t be doing that again for a REALLY long time as their prices have gone up and they’ve refurbished the venue. We did more standing around for what felt like another hour to even put in our order. What a day.

I’m not sure how I’m going to survive doing a book tour from the other side of the fence. It is SO full on and yet extremely important, so you must battle on.

Friday Ketchup News….

I have  3 Author interviews on the list to happen in the near future, and a brilliant interview from my friend who is battling ovarian cancer on the cards.  I’ve asked a Paranormal investigator from Adelaide for an interview, so hopefully she will get back to me with a positive answer.

Supanova pics are on their way.

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