Signs you’re hooked on books

~ Bookmarks are like eye candy, you see one and are overcome with ‘oo shiney’ syndrome. You flick through them reading the readable ones, awwing at the cute ones, gasping at the artistic ones and giggling at the funny ones… but do you buy one? No, because you own more than the store does.


~ When you’re finished with a book it will sit with a huge pile of books on the head of your bed. Not because you’re lazy (though some may believe it to be so) it is because the book shelves are full.


~ When you start encroaching on the book shelves of the other members of your household. “Here’s a book you may like to read when you’re ready dear. We’ll just put it on your book shelf until you’re ready.” Just so you can have space for the signed copy of Burn Bright.


~ When you start eying off the collection of book your hubby has and wonder how many paperbacks you could fit per shelf if you sold all his hardcovers.


~ When the people at the book stores know which books you have already bought off them and they let you know when the next in the series is due out.


~ When you wake up in the morning with typeface on your face because you drooled all over the pages when you fell asleep with the book under your cheek.


~ When you can beeline to your section of the library and within a few sweeps of the eye can tell if there’s anything worth borrowing.


~ When you take on a book reviewing gig to A) be exposed to a wider range of authors and B) to be able to read more.


~ When you’re a member of and you have put in for just abut every give away in the give away section and are known to do insane happy dances when you finally win one.


~ When your daily routine includes reading over breakfast, reading while doing any waiting, reading while the ads are on during Ellen. Reading during lunch. Reading while walking to do the school pick up. Reading while making and consuming dinner. Reading before bed, which seems to be getting later and later as the books just get better and better.


~ When 24 hours isn’t an unreasonable time span to knock over a large tome of 400 or so pages.


~ When your family members know to ask how many pages until the next chapter before they ask for what they need.


~ When all the Borders and Angus and Robertson stores close in your generaly accessible area and this makes your heart go into a weird type of stutter.


~ When some of your friends happen to be authors.


~ When even your Mother (who is a complete bookworm herself) is blown away by the number of books you’ve read in the last 4 months.


For the record I am on book 18 for the year; And I think I better stop writing these signs, because it’s making me feel like I may be hooked on books, when really I’m not.  No, not at all.

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  1. Que
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 04:21:45

    Ummm, yeah. This post applies to my wife as well. I will let her know there is a support group just waiting to be formed.


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